Jet-14 Summer Regatta Results and More

Hello Jetters, lots of updates, so lets get right to it.

NationalsBrent Barbehenn teamed up with Lake Norman Yacht Club junior William Bowden to dominate the 2013 Jet-14 Nationals last month.  Brent won his 12th straight Nationals with 9 firsts and 1 second.  Attendance overall was down this year, but it was encouraging to see more boats in the B fleet this year as well as 7 boats in the Women’s and Junior events.  Speaking of which, Barb Zaugg-Joudrey and daughter Anne took honors in the Women’s event while LNYC juniors Max Thompson and William Bowden (yeah, the same kid) took home silver in the Juniors.

Brent promises a summary and look for more pictures soon!

Women/Junior Results:
pen Nationals Results:

Hunterdon Gravy Bowl Regatta – An interesting day weather-wise, to say the least! The wind speed at the 11AM skippers’ meeting was 0-1 mph, and, after a one hour postponement, it jumped up to a solid 1-2 mph, with enough hopeful clues to send the Jets out for the first of 3 races, during which the winds settled down to 1-5 mph, with 0-120 degree shifts at random times. So “luck” and close attention both paid off with the 7 boat fleet generally together around the windward – leeward courses. Spinnakers were advantageous but only until the next 90 degree shift. Simon Bertocci and Ashley frequently demonstrated EXTREME roll tacks, and in race 3, took 20 minutes on the last 50 yards and still won!

A rare sight captured on film - Barbehenn with other boats close by

A rare sight captured on film – Barbehenn with other boats close by

At the awards presentation, Nicky Einthoven presented Brent Barbehenn with the newly revised perpetual Gravy Bowl. It has twice the engraving space, needed due to its many decades of use! The perpetual Gravy Ladle was presented to crew Lucy Bertocci.   A cookout followed at Charlie Engler’s to wrap up a FUN DAY!

Wren Regatta – Five Jets participated in the Wren “Wregatta”, where everyone had fun and the weather cooperated. Brent Barbehenn with Elena Khutoretsky as crew won. Doug Brown and Susan Mallows, Simon Bertocci and Ashley Paulino, Dave and Justin Veno, Charlie Engler and Gail Scales also participated. [we are waiting on the day when Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco bring Tom’s boat “Wren” to the Wren Regatta]

Labor Day Regatta (LNYC) – Five Jets enjoyed leftover awesome wind from Nationals, southern BBQ, and great racing in this 78 boat One Design regatta.  Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco squeezed out yet another win in old reliable “Wren” #717.  Full results and story are here:

Fleet Updates – Two reports this time around.  Down here in NC Fleet 65 continues to build on momentum gained from hosting their first Nationals this summer.  We saw some new faces come out for the Labor Day regatta at Lake Norman.  Ben Copp and Sarah Hoyt are former college sailors now pursuing advanced degrees at Duke University.  They taught us all a thing or two about boat handling and all had a great time.  We are looking forward to a full schedule of club and national events next season, including a possible midwinters regatta in Asheville.  Meanwhile, Marion Zaugg reports on some good fleet building activity going on at Mohican SC (Fleet 4):

 We were out Sunday over the holiday weekend.  Paul [Joudrey] came home with his girlfriend who had never been in a sailboat before and my sister Karen was up from Cincinnati and crewed for Barb.  I crewed for Jim House, the new owner of #1127, a novice.  Just three boats but we all had a great time.  This was a perfect opportunity to introduce Julie to sailing and for Jim learned a ton.  He and I were last by a leg in the first race but by the last race he rounded the last mark in first and immediately went into irons to finish second, but he was really fired up.  This  coming Saturday Ernie Michaud is bring his old boat #760 down to Mohican to new owner/ Mohican member George Matthews.  


New Officers – There’s been a little bit of change in the class leadership.  I have humbly accepted the office of President.  More on this later, but let me just say that I am looking forward to leading the class to a new era of growth.  SSA member Eric Johnson has graciously accepted the post of 1st VP and Seth Parker will continue as 2nd VP.   The District VPs are David Veno (I), Seth Parker (II), Tim Porter (III), and Dan Lehane (IV).   Please, please, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas, questions, leads, etc…

Upcoming Regattas – Just three events left in the 2013 season.  Coming up Sept. 21-22 is the SSA Fall Regatta on the Severn.  This is always a great event and a good time of year to race (and swim, as I found out last year) on the Chesapeake.  The SSA fleet is looking to regenerate some of the excitement that permeated the fleet a few years ago, and you will not want to miss the clubhouse renovations.  Contact Eric Johnson and let him know you are coming.  October 5 we have the 1-day Packanack Lake Regatta.  I just heard from Mike Michels, who is in the area (Packanack/Pines Lake) looking for a Jet  – lets get him on the water!  Contact Fleet Captain Bob Higgins for more information on the Packanack Regatta.  Finally, the Halloween Classic (Oct. 12-13) once again closes our racing season in grand fashion.  Costumes, crew race, He-Man breakfast, and plenty of fun to go around.  Don’t miss it!

Boats For Sail

Lots of options available on our class website.  We have a practically brand new Allen Jet at a fantastic price and many options in the $1500-$2500 range.  Lets get people in those boats.

Jet-14 Class on the Internet

Did you know that our class has a Facebook page?
Or a Twitter handle (don’t ask Marion)?
And a bunch of photos from the past years here:
And of course our webpage (yes I know it needs updating):

Today’s Little Factoid: There are 168 inactive centerboard One Design classes, many started well after the Jet-14.

See you on the water!

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