Ready to Finish Strong

A bunch of new Jet-14 updates to pass along.

Upcoming October Regattas

Only two more official regattas left this season.  Fleet 35 Captain Bob Higgins has posted the flyer for the Packanack Regatta October 5.  Bob says that the fleet is hanging in there and that a recent race saw a nice mixed fleet of 7 boats.  This is a one day regatta, so if you are in a NJ fleet see if you can take a day and go out and support the Packanack fleet.

The season concludes with the Halloween Classic Oct. 12-13.  This regatta is traditionally one of the biggest fleets of the year and that is no accident, as host Marion always puts on a good show.

Recent Results

The District IV championships were held at Mayfield YC in late August.  Dean Whalen sent out a very detailed recap of the events that weekend over the Jet-14 national email list.

Over at SSA, the Fall Regatta is currently being contested on the waters of the Chesapeake.  Look for results soon.

Boats For Sail

Before and after pictures of Jet #1050

Before and after pictures of Jet #1050

Bob Rosenbaum passed along some information about #1050, a gorgeous glass racing machine up for sail.  Check out Bob’s work in the image at left.  Bob writes:

A variety of other interests and commitments has put my racing career on hiatus. But I have a terrific boat that needs to get out of my garage and into the water. While I’m not in position to give it away, I’m motivated to put it in someone else’s hands and will take a fair price for it. 
It is 100% race ready and cosmetically is in great shape. You could buy it after breakfast and be racing before lunch.
It’s Hull 1050, which I rescued as little more than a bare hull in a rural side lot in 2008. 
It has been stripped and refinished – hull and topsides are a crisp blue-and-white.
Everything on the boat is new: DM-1 mast, rudder, Harken and Ronstan hardware. It’s got positive flotation up front and sealed tanks on the sides. 
This isn’t the sexy old woody that everybody seems to want these days. It’s a fiberglass Dubdam with a distinct advantage: After capsizing, it floats high – well above the centerboard trunk. So you can climb in, bail it out and get back on your way. It has a valid measurement certificate on file and weighed in at less than 10 pounds over minimum.
Spinnaker and jib are regatta quality; the main is club-quality.
I’ve raced the boat lightly over the last few years and have stored it under Rodney Troyer top/bottom covers – much of the time indoors. It’s got a heavy-duty trailer, with a spare tire and current registration, and is set up to travel beautifully.
I went to the trouble of getting it titled, meaning transfer and registration couldn’t be easier.
This boat has absolutely everything and it’s just sitting in my garage in Cleveland. $3,500 or anything close will put this boat in more capable hands than mine. 
If you want to check it out, contact me at
Another new listing on the classifieds just came across this evening.  I raced against this boat at Nationals this year and she had her moments:

Jet 1017,  $500

Brought out of retirement for the 2013 Nationals.  The hull is sound and the mast step and forward keel were fully and professionally repaired before the event. The boat posted two top ten finishes and a capsize with  borrowed sails.  The boat has new 40 year old sails, bought and stored in closet after only one use.  Both boat and trailer have titles and are located near Charlotte NC.  Call for pictures and the full story.

Larry Vitez
704-533-5047 C

Fleet Reports

Marion Zaugg (Fleet 4) sent in an update on recent activities at Mohican:

This past Sunday, September 15th, I meet George Matthews, proud new owner of #760  at the club so we could set her up and take her for hes maiden voyage.  The winds were mostly light, in the 1-6 knot range.  George was on a Sunfish once when he was around 9 and had to write a paper in high school about the navigational aids available to Columbus, so, his impression was he mostly knew the basics.  So I put him on the helm and out we went.  Down wind out of our little harbor.  Just a short shake down sail.  Well, now it was time to sail back up wind to the Club.  Bear in mind that paper about Columbus was written about 30 years ago so George was, say, rusty.   I stayed fairly well out of harms way, low and forward, trimming and easy both sheets while George executed five or six back to back gybes and tacks, all without the helm and facing backwards.  His impression?  “Wow! this is fun!”  Stay tuned.   Marion

Down in North Carolina, there is talk of an unofficial event for later in October.  The local Flying Scot fleet, which has been growing alongside the Jets, have challenged the Jet fleet to a 1-day showdown.  I’m looking to bring in some outside help and there is talk that a couple of out of towners are going to make the trip to support the team.  More later.

We’ve also been talking to David Betts, a former Navy man who will be restoring Jet #19 (!).  While he works on the boat, he’ll be out racing with Barry Saunders and the Carolina Sailing Club crowd.  We’re all looking forward to getting to know David and his wife Catherine, an “enthusiastic novice”.

Nicky Einthoven is now the Fleet 51 Captain at Hunterdon SC.  A big thanks to Charlie Engler and Guido Bertocci for serving as captains this past season.  

Any fleet news?  Please email me!

Finally, I hope you were able to catch some of the America’s Cup races.  Just amazing to watch boats sail in excess of 40 kt. in a 20 kt. wind.  And the racing was actually quite close and exciting.  I’ve been making some modifications to #1130 in the spirit of the America’s Cup:


That’s it for now.  See you on the water.


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