Ready for the He-Man?

A few updates to send along this evening.  Have a great week!

Upcoming Events

The Halloween Classic ends the official regatta season October 12-13.  Cara Sanderson Brown promises that crews in costume on the water will get a bonus point taken off their score, meaning that Brent might end up with a 0 score for the regatta.  Several out of towners are making the trip to Mohican for this traditional big fleet regatta.  Contact Marion Zaugg ( for more information.  I didn’t think anyone used Hotmail since 1998!  I’ll be up there racing so I hope to see a big crowd.

Down in North Carolina, where the winter comes a bit later than you snowbirds up north, we’re planning a special event on October 27 at the Asheville Sailing Club.  The NC Jet fleet has been challenged to a 1-day race by the local Flying Scot fleet, with the winner earning bragging rights and maybe some local Highland Gaelic Ale.  Fleet 65 is circling the wagons – we’ve even calling in Barry Saunders and Todd Ochoa (#737) from the Raleigh-Durham area to provide support.  Also coming in from out of town to support the event are David Betts (Chapel Hill), who will be returning with a Jet of his own to restore, Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco (#717), and Jerry Harwood (New Bern, near the coast), who will be making the 6.5 hour trip to maybe crew and to get some rigging ideas for his Jet-14 restoration project (which he reports is getting close).

Speaking of Barry, he’s been doing some really strong work in the Triangle area organizing Jet sailing.  He took David Betts out for sail last Sunday and they had a fantastic time.  David reported on the experience:

Saunders and Betts cruise Lake Jordan (Sept. 29, 2013)

Saunders and Betts cruise Lake Jordan (Sept. 29, 2013)

Jordan Lake is a good place for Jets: plenty of fetch, not too much chop, fairly quiet boating scene, not too many high hills to kill the wind, good launch ramp & parking. It was wonderful to sail with the multi-talented Barry Saunders, who did well in an open-class regatta against Flying Scots and assorted Thistles and Wayfarers before welcoming me aboard. I’ve attached a still of of Barry and his 1st Mate on a long spinnaker run. It might make a decent picture if someone knew how to enlarge it.

Well, I tried with the picture, but that’s the best I can do.

Featured Boat For Sail

Heard this week from Mary Beth Paul, who had a classic S&S Jet-14 in her back yard (#438).  Sent along some pictures of the boat-  looks to be in great shape.

She was restored about 20 years ago by her late husband and now the boat must find a home.  Interested?  Let me know and I will put you in touch with her.  The boat is in Massachusetts.

News From Ohio

Promising news on the growth front for Edgewater.  Bert Golden is the new owner of Jet-14 #830 and #98.  He is hopeful to have #830 out racing next year.  Bert “has sailed a couple of times this past year on a J-24 and a Thomas 35 with friends. Me and another friend who sail the J-24 have procured Jets and we are going to give it a try.”  Fantastic!  Welcome Bert to the class – you might see him at the Halloween Classic next weekend.

Other News

Stay tuned for an announcement on the 2014 Nationals soon!

Fleet captains, send any updates (and I mean ANY updates) to me and spread the word about your activities.

Everyone is encouraged to join our Facebook group page (  And if you are blog savy, please follow this site on WordPress.

That’s it for now – look for results from Packanack and Mohican in the next entry.  See you on the water!


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