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Jet-14 Winter Updates

Hi Jetters, I hope everyone had a great holiday season and received some nice sailing stuff.  Santa brought me some gloves and a nice life jacket to replace my 12-year old, mold infested “flotation” device.  Next on my list is a new main sheet and I should be about ready to go.

Recent News

Our class lost two cherished members recently.  Vim Einthoven passed away on January 2 at the age of 83.  Vim touched many people from all over but especially in the Jet class.  He continued to actively sail up until 3 years ago.  Perhaps Charlie Engler said it best: “Truly a one-of-a kind gentleman!  He will not be forgotten!”  Our condolences to daughter Nicky and family.

MacMurray and bagpipes

Chris MacMurray belts out a tune at the 2004 Spring Thaw regatta at Lake Norman Yacht Club.

Just a couple of days later we heard word of the passing of Chris MacMurray.    Chris was truly an inspirational character when he came into the class.  He was known to regularly travel to regattas all over the east and was integral to the massive growth in Jet sailing at SSA in the 2000s.  I remember competing against Chris and crew Frank Bajowski several times, but particularly at the mid-winters in Tampa.  And then the bagpipes…we will miss him.

You may remember Charlie and Joanna Smith, especially the New Jersey folks.  They used to race Jet #1151 before moving out to sunny and warm California.  They checked in over the holidays and forwarded along this article from Robert Tepper.  Perhaps some  class veterans remember Robert, who used to sail at Monmouth Boat Club in NJ.  I suppose trading in your Jet-14 to buy an engagement ring is a reasonable course of action to some, but I don’t quite get it.  When I was broke and ready to propose, I found a job stocking shelves to save up.  Oh well.

I never had the chance to sail with Peter Jones, but I heard that he is battling an undisclosed illness but still enjoys reading the Jet-14 emails.  If you want to say hi let me know and I’ll forward you Peter’s email address.

We have a little bit of news from Fleet 65 down here in North Carolina.  Barry Saunders has agreed to serve as our Fleet Captain for the upcoming year.  Many of you know Barry has quite a passion for the Jet-14 (and some other boats too).  He has done quite a bit of fantastic work for the class, especially getting people into boats and organizing regattas.  We’re excited to have Barry help us to continue growing the class down here in Tobacco country.

There has been a Bill Reed sighting!  Says he’s been occasionally sailing Snipes and some big old Herreshoff 28′ but is inching to join us for a couple of Jet regattas this year.  He’s also looking for a new owner for his Jet #1128, as he’s taking a little heat for using his front lawn as a boat yard.  He’s maybe planning on doing Nationals at Mayfield and could do a dropoff – any interest out there?  Hoping to see you out there this year Bill!

Scheduling Stuff

A tentative weekend has been proposed for the third installment of the opening regatta of the Jet-14 season – the Southern Comfort Classic at Asheville Sailing Club.  Right now the regatta is scheduled for April 12-13, but could possible be moved if enough people tell me another weekend is better.  If you have feedback, please comment here, on Facebook, or send me an email.  Thanks.

We will be busy working on the 2014 schedule over the next few weeks but we do have the Nationals dates set for August 13-16 at Mayfield YC in NY.  It’s a beautiful club filled with great people.  If you were able to attend the last nationals there, you know what I’m talking about.

That’s about it for now.  Look for the new schedule and membership information next time I talk to you.

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