May News Updates

  • Severn Sailing Association hosted the District III Championships last weekend.  Eric Johnson and Cathy Cotell (#1146) reclaimed the trophy by a significant margin after Gary and Cathy Mentesana (#1144) decided to spend their honeymoon on more romantic endeavors.  Write up and results are on the Jet-14 website:

  • New pictures are up on the Jet-14 picture website!  I have been working to migrate all of our older pictures from our website to the fantastic photo sharing site called SmugMug.  This week pictures from the 2005 regatta season (Spring Thaw, Chapel Thrill, Pines Lake, Chiefs, Nationals) make their debut.  Check out the Spring Thaw pics, which show some awesome heavy air sailing.  Also, I recently posted a video of Randy Bruns snapping a mast in two (the wind did it, not Randy!) – check it out!
  • Go browse the Jet-14 classifieds for a number of quality boats listed for sale.  The fast, beautiful, and lightly used class boat has been discounted, as well as a quality Saratoga-era wood boat (#793).  I also just listed a bargain glass boat from Spruce Run (#915)
  • June is a busy month for Jets.  We begin with the traditional Mohican Chief’s Regatta at Marion’s pond (May 31-June 1).  This is always a highlight on the Jet racing calendar and usually will produce a sizable fleet.  Two weeks later, there are three (yes, three) Jet regattas:

    You will be sailing in the land of Johnny Football if you come to Cleveland Race Week

    You will be sailing in the land of Johnny Football if you come to Cleveland Race Week

  1. Cleveland Race Week (Edgewater YC, contact Dave Michos) is the Silver Chevron regatta and leg 2 of the District II Championships.  What does Silver Chevron mean?  Well, if you do well, you will get silver chevrons to tape on your sail and then you will intimidate everyone else you compete against.  Dave and Sue Michos are working to actually have chevrons to give out this year, so don’t miss it.  Register online by June 1 to save $50 on registration.
  2. Konigsberg Regatta (Severn Sailing Association, contact Eric Johnson).  The Konigsberg is one of the big ones on the SSA calendar.  In fact, it was one of the names I saw on the Dist. III trophy before it was relinquished back to Eric and Cathy.  If you are in the mid-Atlantic/NJ region, please tell Eric you are coming down for this one, if only to experience the high water pressure shower in the clubhouse!
  3. NC Governor’s Cup Regatta (Kerr Lake, contact Barry Saunders Fleet 65 captain).  The Jets return to this big Southeast regional One Design event.  This is a can’t miss regatta for Jetters in the Carolinas.

Nationals Updates

The documents are being finalized and registration will be coming soon.  If you have never competed at a Jet-14 Nationals, this is the year as registration is FREE for first-timers.  That’s right, show up with your boat, pay your class membership, and you’re in.

The good folks at Hunterdon SC will be putting on a pre-Nationals tune up, more commonly known as the Gravy Bowl Regatta (August 9).  The Gravy Bowl will also serve as the first leg of the District I Championships AND it is also a Traveler’s Series event for this season.  So make a plan to hit that one on your way to New York, then stay a couple of days exploring NYC or the upstate.

That’s it for now.


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