Mohican Chiefs Results

It has been on the rainy side this spring.  Happy are the grasses and the ubiquitous swarms of mosquitos.  But for the two days of our regatta, sunshine, blue skies and unfortunately not much else.   We did manage five races, two on Saturday and then three Sunday morning, but nobody escaped without at least one finish out of the top five.

Some high notes; 16 boats, great spirits all around, terrific food on the way to and from your boat, and some moments of fairly good air and racing.

Saturday, the fleet had some difficulty just getting to the club.  Dave and Sue Michos had to stop every thirty minutes to buy more transmission fluid, Bridget and Nate Ireland, as they were getting in their cars, discovered one of the small Irelands had in fact an ear infection……off to the clinic for medicine.  Then there were the usual discoveries rigging at a front end of a new sailing season, missing pins, parts, battens, and the boat that Zaugg had arranged for old (?) Jet-14 master Spence Crawfis to sail, well, wasn’t at all water tight. Gemperlines #665 had the board go down at the hoist and I mean all the way down.  Pretty good mechanics to get it more or less working again in time for the race.  Mike and Jon Chambers served up their usual fantastic lunch and we settled in for our speech from the PRO Mike Fulton.  The only thing maybe worse than trying to sail in such conditions would be to set a reasonable race course.  Mike was up to the task.

The trouble with the wind is the fleet had a noticeable tendency to invert say every other leg.  So not long after #1132 rounded the leeward mark of the first race in 12th, and began making plans for a fresh start in race two………we heard someone honk a horn and tell us we had won.  Not distressing except in our case it went decidedly downhill from there.  Bryan and Tiffany Parker nearly lead at every mark, so much for hard work and skill.  My nephew Tom led at the final windward mark in race one, was so disoriented that he then drove over it, and by the time he got going again had to pass three boats to manage a fourth.  Seth Parker with the effervescent Megan Beal at crew, shot through the fleet going to weather in the second race only to lose three places for a fifth as he was distracted by several foreign speaking floatboaters cheering for him.

Class newcomers Paul and PJ Blonski in Randy Bruns old #1126 were just plain solid but for one bad race.  Great to have them on board.

We had a big spaghetti dinner, my crew Keegan was only a little taken aback to learn that crewing also included cooking for 40 people, to her credit she took it all in stride.

How do you follow up dinner?  Well you wait ten hours and you serve breakfast.  The absolutely coolest part of the regatta for me was Emma, my step daughter.  She closed at work the night before, got up at 5:30 a.m. and drove 30 miles to help me cook and clean up the He-Man.  And smiled the entire time.

More racing and the wind was better.  That was all the Parker’s and the Blonski’s needed. Bill Buckles and Nate and Ben also hit their grooves.  See results.

Thank you again to all at Mohican that donated their time, days in advance to make it all happen.  And we wouldn’t bother if those that put it on their calendars and made what ever effort is necessary to be there didn’t.

See you on the water, Marion

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