2014 Travelers Series

The 2013-2014 Jet 14 Class Travelers Series will continue this weekend June 14-15 with the Konigsberg Memorial Regatta at Severn Sailing Association, Annapolis, MD.
Each year, the Travelers Series kicks off after the Class Nationals with a regatta in the fall.  The 2013-14 Series started last October at Mohican Sailing Club’s Halloween Regatta, October 12-13 and is followed by three more events.
The Konigsberg will be the second scored regatta, followed by the Gravy Bowl at Hunterdon Sailing Club (Clinton, NJ) August 9 and concluding with the Jet 14 National Championships August 14-16 at Mayfield Yacht Club (Mayfield, NY).
The Series is scored using a high-point system which scores well-attended regattas more heavily.  For example, if there are 11 total boats registered for a regatta, the first-place boat would receive 11 points and the last-place boat would receive one point.  The scores at the more heavily attended Nationals Championships will be weighted only 50% of the entrants.
Though there are four events scored for the Series, a skipper only needs to race in three (with participation at the Nationals required).  If a skipper races all four, the worst (lowest) score will be discarded.
So attend as many events as you can and get yourself scored in the Travelers Series.
Dave Michos
Past President
Fleet 60 Captain

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