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Nationals Preview

We’re about two weeks away from the 2014 Nationals at Mayfield.  Registrations are still coming in daily.  One sailor who will not be able to attend this year is Brent Barbehenn, who has won the last 12 championships (and several others before his streak was snapped at Mentor in 2001 by Greg Koski).

This news means two things.  One, there will be no “green” served this year.  And, the championship is now wide open for the taking.  Vegas has identified a couple of early favorites:

Marion Zaugg (4-1): Pros: Has been sailing since he was in the womb, convenient tuning partner with sister Barb, best looking centerboard in the class, aerodynamic head, no one to police his boat setup since he is the measurement guru.  Cons: Some guy off the street is crewing for him, pretty boat deck is distracting, tends to lose spinnaker poles at inopportune moments.

Dave Michos (4-1): Pros: Spouse is regular crew, boat points higher than someone on the “green”, Cleveland Browns fan, superb boat handling.  Cons: Spouse is regular crew, distracted by new running and fishing careers, uses Ektelon instead of Pro Kennex, trips to The Villages hints at thoughts of retirement.

Looking at registrations already received, Edgewater YC leads the way with 6 boats.  Don’t delay – get your registration in today and join the fun in the Adirondacks.

Wren Regatta Results

Our friends at Hunterdon had a good bit of racing last weekend at the Wren Regatta.  Here are the results courtesy of David Veno:

747 Brown/Mallows              1 1 1 2 1   6
1007 Benson/Benson            2 3 2 1 2   10
1150 Veno/Veno                    3 2 4 3 3    15
1116 Einthoven/Tellefson    4 4 3 4 4    19

Good to see Doug Brown back at it – hope the back is holding up!  In other NJ news, I received a nice email from Chris Seliga (Fleet 35, Packanack):

After patiently waiting for over a year, Jet 1013 came up for sale in our club (fleet 35), and now she’s mine!  I will resurrect her on the lost Jet roster soon.  She’s sail-able and in really good shape but needs a little TLC.  I will be going over the rigging for the remainder of the summer and making adjustments.  We had our monthly club race last weekend and all of our Jetters including Bob Higgins were glad to see me sailing her.  After we raced they were very eager to offer advice which is great.

Good news!  We’ll be looking forward to seeing Chris out on the water this coming season.

North Carolina Updates

Connie Berchem and Teri Fosmire (Asheville SC) have now acquired Tim Porter’s boat (#544) and will be racing her at Nationals this year.  Tim (Lake Norman YC) will be working on campaigning #645 in the coming year.  John Ogden (Hendersonville NC) will be racing #203 at Asheville SC, and Connie has been busy making repairs on #958.  This will give Asheville SC 7 boats in their local fleet, and more than 14 in the Carolina fleet as a whole.  We’ve come a long way in a couple of years.

Also heard some good news from Jim Hickman (Chapel Hill NC).  You may remember Jim from a few of the Spring Thaw events a few years back.  It sounds like Jim is ready to dive back in big time as he’s been working on #768 – see his beautiful paint job below.

Jim Hickman has #768 looking real fast

Jim Hickman has #768 looking real fast

Boats for Sail

Lots of good boats available on the class webpage – check them out!

Hope to see many of you at Mayfield in two weeks.



July 4th Regatta Produces New Champions

The Lake Norman Yacht Club hosted its traditional July 4th One Design regatta this past weekend.  Unfortunately, they missed the ideal wind window by about a day, but there was still enough around to get in 3 races.  Four rather equally performing Jets took to the beautiful lake for racing, resulting in a series of close tactical battles and a final result that literally came down to the final 50 yards of the final race on Sunday.

Asheville Sailing Club members Connie Berchem and Teri Fosmire emerged victorious on about the 3rd tiebreaker over favorites Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco.  Connie has taken a forgotten hull (#203), made some repairs and tuning adjustments, and turned her into a competitive boat once again – not to mention this is about the 3rd time ever that she has helmed a Jet-14.  Quite impressive.  Teri didn’t even know what a sailboat was about 4 years ago but now Connie tells us that she’s calling out shifts from the cockpit.  These two will be at Nationals this year, so please welcome them to the class and offer your congratulations on a job well done.  Connie’s extremely detailed write up and full results can be found on the Jet-14 webpage.

Nationals Update

Sign ups are underway.  Please register sooner rather than later so that the regatta organizers can have a better sense on how many to expect.  You can get the NOR and register here: 2014 Jet-14 Nationals.

I know some are looking for crew and some of you may need crew.  No problem!  Use the find crew board at the nationals website:  2014 Nationals crew board

Also please remember that first time skippers/owners will have their regatta registration fee (a $185 values) waived!  This will not happen every year so take advantage while you can!

Upcoming Events

Jets return to Hunterdon July 20 for the Wren Regatta.  They are looking to get in 5 races.  The NOR is posted on the website or you can link to it here.

The Lorain Yacht and Sailing Club, host of the 2012 Jet Nationals, will bring the Jets back for the Lorain One Design Regatta July 26.  Bryan Parker is the man to talk to about this one – see the Jet-14 schedule for his contact info.

The last event before Nationals will be the Gravy Bowl, also at Hunterdon.  Look for more info coming out about that one.





Connections (July updates)

The Jet-14 class had a big weekend June 14-15 as 3 regattas in 3 different states with over 20 boats competing were contested.  More important than the numbers and results were the new and missed faces that we connected with.  As I was reading Fleet 61 captain Eric Johnson’s  Konigsburg report, I was pleased to see that Kate Erklauer was back on the water after taking some time off to begin her family.  Racing next to Kate was Michael Parramore, who has a much longer history and personal connection with the Jet-14 than I will ever have.  Michael has been busy racing Lasers with his daughter and supporting his wife’s equine habit (which I know a little about).  It was fantastic to hear about their weekend and I hope we see more of you very soon.

Jet-14 #203

New members Connie Berchem and Teri Fosmire (#203) round the top mark at the 2014 Governor’s Cup

At the NC Governor’s Cup down in Henderson, NC, I am happy to report that Fleet 65 has grown by another couple of boats.  Connie Berchem has teamed with Teri Fosmire to campaign #203 for the rest of the season.  Connie was a last minute crew fill in for me at the District III championships at SSA.  She has been a sail maker for over 20 years and has a knack for making a boat go fast.  Teri is the mother of Hunter Trombetta, who many of you may remember as an up and coming sailor who crewed for Fleet 65 member Lenny Wells at the Lake Norman nationals last year.  She is new to sailing and learning fast – they make a great team.  Speaking of Lenny, he has officially joined Fleet 65 as the new owner of #1130 – congratulations!  We’ll be seeing him, Connie, and Teri at Nationals this year.  We were also excited to meet Don Janeway from Chapel Hill, the new owner of #1115.  Don has a lot of racing and restoration experience and we are looking forward to seeing him out on the water in the coming months.

2014 Nationals Registration Underway

Nationals chair Dean Whalen and his cohorts at Mayfield Yacht Club have an awesome Nationals planned (August 14-16).  The Women/Junior Nationals will be contested at the same venue on August 13.  The Notice of Race, measurement form, and registration are now available here:

The class association is running a special promotion this year – registration is waived for first-time Nationals skippers or owners.  Contact Chairman Whalen for details – you must be a member of the class association to take advantage of this offer.

Please note that there will be a “Nationals tune up” regatta (aka the Gravy Bowl) at Hunterdon SC in Clinton NJ August 9 – why not race there on your way to Mayfield?  The Gravy Bowl is also the third leg of the 2014 Traveler’s Series. Contact Fleet 51 member Nicky Einthoven for information.

Recent Results

Check out all of the results from the June 14-15 regattas, including an exciting tie breaker situation in Cleveland:

Governor’s Cup (plus lots of good pictures here)
Cleveland Race Week/Silver Chevron
Konigsburg Regatta

Upcoming Events (see regatta page for details)

Lake Norman July 4th Regatta (July 5-6) – Mooresville NC
Wren Regatta (July 20) – Hunterdon Sailing Club, Clinton NJ
Gravy Bowl (August 9) – Hunterdon Sailing Club, Clinton NJ

Do you have any news?  Please send it along!

That’s it for now – see you on the water.

Chris (#483)