Jet-14 Southern Comfort Classic Set To Launch 2015 Season

It’s been a long, cold, and snowy winter for most of us and it may still be going on in some places.  By now you should have received your membership packet in the mail.  I hope that you will take a few minutes to update your information with the class and send in your dues.  There has been a lot of activity over the winter that I will discuss in a future post.

2014 SCC

But for now, I’d like to put in a little plug for the first regatta of the year.  The Southern Comfort Classic returns for the 4th year to Asheville Sailing Club.  This event has become quite the attraction for North Carolina Jet racers and has consistently brought in a few out of town travelers.  The city of Asheville (“Beer Town USA”) has received a number of accolades in recent years for being one of the top destinations and places to live, so perhaps come down a couple of days early and make a little holiday of it?  For sure you don’t want to miss the social on Friday evening, which usually devolves into a really bad darts competition.

I have attached a flyer with all you need to know, but in case you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.  It’s early but here’s who I have on the attendee list so far:

#483 – Chris Hennon / Meg Russell (Asheville NC)
#433 – Paula Hennon / Olivia Hennon (Asheville NC)
#217 – D Michos / S Michos (Cleveland OH)
#717 – Tom Grace / Paula Pacheco (Mooresville NC)
#1076 – Seth Parker (Ohio)
#TBD – Barney Sokol / Hotshot Kid Crew (Asheville NC)
#1130 – Lenny Wells / Lisa Wilcocks (Asheville NC)
#737 – Sarah Hoyt / Carolyn Nye  (Durham NC)
#1136 – Ernie Michaud (Cleveland OH)

#1050 – Evan Trudeau (Chapel Hill NC)
#977 – Bruce Sampson (Arden NC)
#628 – Tim Porter / Madison Porter (Charlotte NC)

#1132 – Marion Zaugg (Mansfield OH)
#558 – Brent Barbehenn (New Jersey)

Of course we’d like to have more!  Please let me know if you are coming down to join the fun.  We already have a list of 3 or 4 crews available with more on the way.  There may even be a couple of boats available to race too.

The full Jet-14 schedule will be released very soon.

Thanks, Chris

2015 Southern Comfort Classic

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