T-shirt order / Southern Comfort Classic Update


We are up to 36 t-shirts!  Good work.  50 sounds like a good round number, so if you are thinking about getting in on this hot deal, let me know soon.

We have 13 boats for the first Jet regatta next month, with a few more on the fence.  I have at least 3 able bodied, mountain hardened crew members looking to get on a boat.  So if lack of crew is preventing you from coming, I can fix you up.  Skill level of potential crew ranges from college girl with 420/Flying Scot/Jet experience to enthusiastic young kid on the precipice of adulthood eager to further his sailing education to a grizzled Flying Scot veteran who is one of the top 5 sailors at the club and wants in on some Jet crewing action.

It looks like we’re going to score a sponsorship from the local Wild Wing Cafe for a crazy party Friday evening (including darts and shuffleboard for you seniors) and dinner on the lake Saturday.  Stay tuned for details.

Here’s who I have so far (along with the opening Vegas line) – let me know if I can add you:

217     Michos/Michos    (5-4)    2-time defending champs but suck at darts
433    Lewis/P Hennon    (20-1)    Lewis has experience but curing colic doesn’t translate to sailing
483    C Hennon/Russell  (8-1)    Experienced team but Hennon’s ego exceeds his tactical choices
544    Possibly Available – Contact Tim Porter    (10-1) Fast boat but needs a pilot and crew
628    Porter/Porter (8-1)  Porter has speed but the renovated boat is untested
717    Grace/Pacheco    (3-1 downwind, 12-1 upwind)  Still using spinnaker from 1978 Nationals
737    Hoyt/Nye  (20-1) Relative unknowns hopping on Barry’s #1 boat
951    Trombetta/Fosmire  (30-1) Can Fosmire counsel her son on how to sail fast?
962    Sokol/Kid Crew (30-1) Barney claims this kid is good.  Maybe he should drive.
977    Sampson/Gertz (12-1) Bruce still figuring out his setup but has tons of Thistle experience
1050    Trudeau/Trudeau (20-1) Just bought the boat.  Pictures look nice, but who knows?
1076    Parker/Megan? (7-1) Came on strong last year after dismal start.
1130    Wells/Wilcocks (6-1) Lenny has the skills but can Wilcocks set the chute?
1136    Michaud/TBD (3-1) Has the speed to win, but missing crew is a wildcard at this point

Our friend Connie Berchem (#203, #951) is undergoing heart surgery soon and has to miss the event.  Please keep her in your thoughts.


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