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Mohican Chiefs Regatta

The Mohican Chiefs regatta just wrapped up this past weekend at Mohican Sailing Club.  There were 13 boats and plenty of stories to fill the newspapers, including a spinnaker fatality,  a Richard Simmons/Refrigerator Perry reference, and “Shao”.  Marion Zaugg and Anne Joudrey came out on top – you can read Marion’s classic summary and view the results here:

Mohican Chiefs Results

Upcoming Events

There are a number of Jet-14 events coming up this month.  The festivities start this weekend at West River Sailing Club in Galesville, MD as the Jets return for the Dave Irey Memorial Regatta.  West River is the former home of one of the older Jet-14 fleets and the site of the 2016 Nationals this year.  As of June 1 we have 6 boats officially registered from three states (NC, MD, and NJ), with a couple more expected.  Look for results and a recap on the Jet website later this month.

As the days continue to get longer into the middle of June, we will turn our attention to a couple of big events.  During the weekend of June 18-19, Cleveland Race Week returns and promises to bring fun big lake racing in the shadows of downtown Cleveland.  For those in the mid-Atlantic and southeast, another option that weekend is the Governor’s Cup regatta on Kerr Lake in Henderson, NC.  We’re expecting a nice crowd for that one, which also serves as the District III championship this year.  See the Regatta Network sites for information and registration for both events:

Cleveland Race Week
Governor’s Cup

Fleet 65 Update

After a wildly successful Southern Comfort Classic in April, the Asheville contingent of Fleet 65 is happy to welcome Bill Woodson, who joins the fleet with his purchase of #433.  Bill has crewed on big boats before but this is his first foray into the helming a dinghy.  The Jet-14s now boast the largest fleet at the Asheville Sailing Club with 7 boats.

Farther east, the fleet boasts active Jets at Lake Norman Yacht Club, Lake Townsend, and Carolina Sailing Club.  Tim Porter (#628, #544) and Tom Grace (#717) are looking forward to hosting two events later this season at LNYC.


Jet-14 #1091

Jet-14 #1091 is for sale at SSA

There’s been some movement on the classifieds page recently.  Just added is Jet #1091 (“Woodstock”), a Dubdum that has been recently updated.  The boat is packaged with the SSA triple trailer for $2000, a fantastic deal.

If you’re looking for a newer Jibetech Jet, Kate Erklauer’s #1145 could be your ride. It’s got all the cool stuff, including 8 sails!

Finally, Denise from Massachusetts recently contacted me about a hull her late husband worked on for a number of years restoring.  The hull number is unknown at this time, but it is most likely a Siddons and Sindle circa late 1950s.  Check it out and call Denise if you might be interested in finishing a fine, solid wood hull.

If you have any updates or other things to post here, just send me an email.



Southern Comfort Classic Results

The first Jet-14 regatta for the 2016 season is in the books and President Barbehenn starts it off the right way.  Read the story and view the nice pictures here:


Lenny Wells and Caswell Kern of Asheville Sailing Club fly the chute in preparation for racing at the 2016 Southern Comfort Classic. Wells and Caswell would go on to a third place finish overall.


2015 Jet-14 Nationals Story

It didn’t take long before the out-of-staters knew they were in for something special. Prior to starting any races for the 2015 Jet-14 Nationals at Mohican Sailing Club in Mansfield, OH, we saw: 10’ high corn, Regatta Chair Marion Zaugg (one of the best sailors, and The Best regatta comedian in the country), reminders that Ohio is the home of The Ohio State University and the #1 ranked football Buckeyes, and the best cider donuts in the world, courtesy of Barbara and Anne Joudrey.

The generally hot weather turned cool just before regatta time, and lasted through the event, giving the campers some nice natural air conditioning for sleeping. There was enough wind to race 3 of the 4 days, averaging about 7 knots, and mostly from the northeast quadrant. Although not the most ideal wind direction for courses, PRO Mike Fulton, assisted by Stewart FitzGibbon and Karen Zaugg worked hard to fit the windward-leeward courses in the best possible location.

And then there was the food. Never has there been more at a regatta, and it was all great!

The early arrivals were greeted with the famous He Man Breakfast. Within hours, the Women’s Nationals got started in a nice northerly. 4 very competitive boats competed with Connie Berchem and Teri Fosmire from Asheville, NC, Taylor Sackett and Abby Freeman, borrowing Nate Ireland’s boat (Thanks Nate!) from Edgewater, OH, and 2 hometown teams of Barb and Anne Joudrey, and Karen Hugon and Ann Roessner. Team Joudrey continually worked their way to the front with good speed and tactics, taking bullets in all 3 races. Towards the end of the day things got a bit flukey, but the competitors remained patient, and fought hard until it was over. Following Team Joudrey in 2nd place were new-comers Taylor Sackett and Abby Freeman, who both have much experience in several other types of boats. 3rd place went to Connie and Teri, who have quickly picked up on how to sail a Jet in just a few years. Karen Hugon (borrowing her former boat from Dan Reiber—Thanks Dan!) and Ann Roessner ended up 4th. Nice sailing to all!

2015 Jet-14 Women Nationals on Wednesday

Lesson Learned: Good boat speed and tactics are hard to beat.

The next day the Nationals started on time in a light, shifty northeast breeze. Race 1 saw the eager competitors pull the trigger a bit early, leading to several general recalls. Mike Gemperline and Tom Irwin (#665), after arriving at the site just hours before the starting time, sailed an impressive race, finishing with a strong 2nd. This race set the tone for how things would eventually play out for the final results, as the top 6 finishers in Race 1 placed in the top 6 for the event.

Lesson Learned: Get on the tack which points your bow closer to the next mark.

Race 2 saw the 2014 National Champs Bryan and Tiffany Parker (#1135) lead wire-to-wire for an impressive win. Just after the first mark, at the top of the run, Team Parker was alone out front with a pack of about 12 boats lined up fighting for 2nd. Several boats were patient, and showed good light air downwind speed, with Bridget Ireland and George Auer (#1147), and Nate Ireland and Ben Stock (#698) pulling out of the jam.

Lesson Learned: Try to be patient, and don’t panic in light air, especially downwind.

Day 1 start.  It's pretty obvious which end of the line is favored.

Day 1 start. It’s pretty obvious which end of the line is favored.

After only 2 races on Day 1, the fleet was anxious to get more in during Day 2. Race 3 again started in light wind, generally from the east. That said, several good puffs from the NNE were prevelent prior to starting, and the writing was on the wall this was going to be really shifty. After a clean start, one of those “puffs from the NNE” appeared, and one needed to assess whether to follow the lesson from Race 1, or don’t sail toward the next mark, but toward the puff. It turned out that sailing toward the puff was the way to go this time. Unfortunately for the 1135 Team, who had the best start, and was the early leader, a few puff chasers got by them before the 1st mark. The race continued to be a fight for the “puffs from the NNE”, with the team of Marion Zaugg and Anne Joudrey (#1132) coming on strong for 2nd. Team Parker followed closely in 3rd, with Women’s Champ Barb Joudrey (#94) and Sue Halliwell taking 4th for their best race.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes it pays to get on the tack which points your bow closer to the next puff, as opposed to the next mark.

Race 4 was similar to Race 3, with a bit less wind velocity, and the Zaugg/Joudrey Team made the most of the left side of the course to round the first mark in the lead. They ended up 2nd again, with the Ireland/Stock Team quietly sailing very consistent, taking 3rd. The Parkers were again amongst the leaders, and ended up 4th. Another Joudrey, Tom, sailing with Aaron (#120), were impressive to take 5th.

Lesson Learned: See Race 3 lesson, but beware, a good lesson for one race may not hold up for the next race.


Doug Brown (#747), Zaugg (#1132) and B. Ireland (#1147) race upwind.

Although no one knew it at the time, Race 5 would be the last race for the regatta due to lack of wind. This would play into the final results as there would then be no throw-out race (due to not having at least 6 races). From the start, it was evident that Team 1147 was following the Race 1 Lesson approach. While many boats tacked to go left, towards what they thought—or maybe hoped—was more wind on the left (one of those “puffs from the NNE”) and not towards the 1st mark, Bridget and George took the favored tack (bow pointed more toward the mark), working their way up the right side of the course, leading at the first mark, and down the run. Then things got crazy. Team 1147 again stayed on the favored tack, and others again worked left. This time the left puff won out, and the positions were shuffled. Nate and Ben sailed another nice race, and took 2nd, while the Zaugg/Joudrey Team completed a great day with a 3rd. Dave and Sue Michos, after scraping some rust off, and not sailing in their favorite conditions, figured it all out and placed 4th.

Lesson Learned: When it gets light and flukey, there may not be any lesson to follow. Keep your head out of the boat as much as possible, keep looking for that next puff!

After waiting a bit, and having the wind come out of every direction within an hour, the fleet headed in for a steak dinner.

The final results show that Team 558 with super-crew Sarah Paisley came out on top. Sarah has a wealth of experience, and in addition to winning the 2012 Jet Nationals, she has been part of several other national champion teams in other classes. In 2nd was the Nate Ireland/Ben Stock Team, bringing #698 out of mothballs, and sailing a very consistent series with all top 5 finishes. 3rd went to Marion Zaugg and Anne Joudrey, just 2 points back, with a very strong final 3 races. Bryan and Tiffany Parker were 4th, and also the top husband/wife team, and several times fought their way back from early race setbacks. 5th went to Bridget Ireland and George Auer, who were also very consistent with all single digit finishes. Both Ireland boats were impressive, as they posted their best nationals finishes while not having sailed much in the past few years. The Mike Gemperline and Tom Irwin ended up 6th, and by far were hurt the most due to not having a throw-out. But we’re guessing they had the most fun of any boat at the event! One point back in 7th were Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco, also with all top 10 finishes. Paul and PJ Blonski were 8th, and tied Charlie and Megan Bark for Most Improved from 2014. Dave and Sue Michos ended up in 9th, thanks to their fine last race, and Doug Brown and Susan Mallows from NJ were 10th. Word has it that Doug, who has rebuilt several Jets, has already taken apart #747, to be rebuilt again… watch out for more speed next year!

Other awards included the Persistence Award, which went to Jim House and Joe Murr. Madison Porter, traveling from Charlotte, NC to sail with her dad Tim, won the Youngest Sailor Award. Taylor Sackett and Abby Freeman won the Best Finish for 1st Time Nationals Award.

And so the party was over. The boats and kids were packed up, cars ready to roll. But not before one last good meal. Mohican Sailing Club treated all to a great time, and we thank Marion Zaugg and his fleet, and PRO Mike Fulton and his committee for another great Nationals! We said goodbye to one another, goodbye to the 10’ corn, to the Buckeyes, and to the cider donuts. Mohican Sailing Club is a special place, and if any Jet-14 sailor has never been there, put it on your places-to-go list.

Also, a big THANK YOU to Chris Hennon, for his fine and enthusiastic service to the Class as President for the past 2 years. He has put the Class in a good position to move forward in 2016!

See you all at West River next August, and hopefully sooner at other regattas.

Brent Barbehenn (#558)

Full results here: 2015 Jet-14 Nationals

Barbehenn Continues Dominance with 19th National Championship

Brent Barbehenn (558)

Barbehenn and Paisley (558) round the bottom mark in a familiar position as the Parkers (1135) give chase

Brent Barbehenn and crew Sarah Paisley won the 2015 Jet-14 Nationals in typically dominating fashion at Mohican Sailing Club this past week.  Defending national champs Bryan and Tiffany Parker were the only team able to best Barbehenn/Paisley in any race over the 5-race series.  This is Barbehenn’s 19th National Championship in the Jet-14 as a skipper, his first coming in 1974.  Brent won his first Nationals crewing for his father Ed in 1972.

There were many other fine performances of note.  Nate Ireland and Ben Stock (#698) sailed consistently fast and were rewarded with their highest ever finish at Nationals (2nd).  Not too far behind was Nate’s better half Bridget, coming in with a strong top 5 result with some help from crew George Auer.  Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco, who have been cleaning up the North Carolina circuit this season, sailed a very consistent regatta (8 9 6 7 6) and just missed out on the perpetual trophies with a 7th place finish.

Look for a more detailed recap of the regatta very soon.  Full results are now posted on

Jet-14 Women’s Nationals

IMG_0528Barb Joudrey and daughter Ann used superior boat speed and smart tactics to help them win all three races today at Mohican Sailing Club.  Four boats were on the line in a light but cool northerly.  Full results coming later with the Open Nationals, which get underway tomorrow at Mohican.  Organizers are expecting about 25 boats, which would be a 15% increase in participation over the last 4 years.  More coming soon…


Amazing Grace

Tom, Paula, and Wren - a match made in heaven

Tom, Paula, and Wren – a match made in heaven

It seems that Tom Grace has been sailing a Jet-14 since Siddons and Sindle themselves rolled out the first hulls in 1952.  Today I am pleased to report that Tom and trusty sidekick Paula Pacheco came from behind to win yet another event, the Independence Day Regatta at their home venue, Lake Norman Yacht Club.  You can read all about the event on the class website.

Earlier last month Jets were also competing at Hunterdon Sailing Club for the Wren Regatta title; interestingly enough, the regatta is named after the boat that won the first event, Tom Grace’s “Wren” (#717).  Wren is a curious looking boat that features 2 compasses, 34 tell tales, and a paint job that any 2-year old would be proud of.  But that thing can move.  Doug Brown returned in his classically numbered Jet (#747) with partner Susan Mallows to take home the silver in the Wren Regatta, edging out 18-time (I think, lost count) National Champion Brent Barbehenn.  Results are here.

The 2015 Nationals returns to Mohican Sailing Club for the first time in 20-something years.  This is a great laid back venue that hosts two regattas each year, the Chief’s in early June and the venerable Halloween Classic, which typically attracts 15-20 boats.  Registration information will be sent to your email box.  You can also find forms and information on the website.  We’re looking forward to seeing you August 5-8!

But before we completely focus on Nationals there are a few other events in the near future.  The Lorain One Design regatta features big water sailing on Lake Erie and a tough fleet.  If you are in the mid-Atlantic area there will be some Jet races at Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis for the second leg of their summer series.  And the District IV championships will be contested at the site of the 2014 Jet Nationals at Mayfield, NY.  Give Dean Whalen and crew some support and head up to beautiful upstate NY for that one.

Look for a new update in a couple of weeks.


Early Summer Updates

I hope everyone has been having a great spring and early summer sailing their Jet.  First, some recent results and then news to follow.


Cleveland Race Week (June 13-14) – Report by Dave Michos
Jet 14s have sailed at Cleveland Race Week for about 20 years.  I can’t say any one year has been the same as the previous.  Sometimes the winds are light and others pretty decent.  This year 8 Jets attended the event with the farthest traveled being Lenny Wells and Class President Chris Hennon.  The winds were light to moderate.  The Lake Erie chop was not heavy but a bit more than the wind conditions.  It required a lot of being in the groove and sometimes the mojo took some time to develop.

The teams not used to the boat or conditions mixed it up pretty well.  Seth Parker (1076), Lenny Wells (1130), Sophie Van Heeckeren and Samantha Moran duked it out, changing positions throughout every race.  The races were all about wind pressure and keeping the boat moving through the chop.  The Michoses (1157) and Gemperlines jockeyed for the lead a zillion times during the weekend, usually sailing within a boat length of each other.  Ultimately the Gemperlines prevailed for first place.  Marion Zaugg (1132) made a cameo appearance Saturday, leading Race #1 before a nice righty prevailed.  In Race #2 crew/sea state issues took over and he bailed.

Thanks all for attending.

Dave Michos #1157

1.  665   Mike Gemperline     4 1 1 1 1 1    8
2. 1157  Dave Michos             1 2 2 2 2 2   11
3. 1076  Seth Parker               3 3 3 3 5 3   20
4. 1130  Lenny Wells              6 5 4 5 3 6   29
5. 1045  W Van Heeckeren    5 4 5 6 6 4   30
6. 1126  Samantha Moran    C C C 4 4 5   46
7. 1132  Marion Zaugg           2 F S C C C   47
8. 1112  David Butcher          C C C C C C  54

Addendum by Chris:  Awesome event as always – great racing, unlimited drink and hot dogs, live music, and nice people.  It was great to connect with the Jet-14 crowd.  Definitely try to put this one on your calendar next year  

Governor’s Cup (June 20-21) – Report by Chris Hennon

The Jet fleet was a bit shorthanded this year as Barry Saunders had to leave the country for some work thing and there were conflicts with other regulars.  Nevertheless, both of Barry’s boats (#737 and #962) where on the water with new skippers.  Stuart Wallace, a resident of Charlotte but regular competitor at Asheville Sailing Club, piloted #737 and picked up Caroline Sherman as crew.  Caroline is the mother of two daughters who competed in the Nationals at Lake Norman a couple of years ago – they had so much fun that Caroline wanted to join in on the action.  Yours truly skippered #962.  The fleet was made whole by Lenny Wells/Lacie Wallace (#1130) and Tom Grace/Paula Pacheco (#717).

Lenny Wells and Lacie Wallace (1130) head back up at the 2015 Governors Cup regatta

Lenny Wells and Lacie Wallace (1130) head back up at the 2015 Governors Cup regatta

Wind conditions were optimal for summer lake sailing (8-14 kt both days) but the high heat and humidity took its toll as the local paramedics had to be called each day to take away competitors suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration.  The 80-boat one design fleet made each race challenging, especially since the Jets had to share the starting line with the big Thistle fleet.  Saturday saw Tom and Lenny duke it out for much of the day as Stuart was getting accustomed to the starting flags and Hennon/Russell could not get #962 up to speed.  There was some controversy at the end of race 2 as Wells didn’t realize he had another lap to go and finished 45 minutes ahead of everyone else.  After realizing his mistake he jumped back in to complete the race, only to have the race committee begin race 3 before he returned.

After a severe thunderstorm wrecked the Jet campsite that evening, race 4 on Sunday was a bit more competitive as Hennon joined the mix and lead much of the race.  A critical tactical error near the top of the last beat resulted in Wells and Grace passing; Tom used his usual secret weapon (Paula) to fly downhill and pass Wells to win yet again.  In the last race of the regatta, Wells held a sizeable lead up the last beat but failed to cover Grace.  A big puff on the right side of the course rendered Wells helpless as 717 went on to sweep all the races and win the Atlantic Coast Championship.

1. 717  Tom Grace        1 1 1 1 1     5
2. 1130 Lenny Wells     2 2 3 2 2   11
3.  962  Chris Hennon  3 Q 2 3 S  18
4.  737  Stuart Wallace 4 S 4 4 3   20

Upcoming Regattas

July 4-5: July 4th Regatta – Lake Norman Yacht Club, Mooresville NC

July 11: Lorain One Design Regatta – Lorain, OH – 2015 Lorain NOR

July 18: SSA Summer Series II – Annapolis, MD

August 1-2: District IV Championships – Mayfield, NY

Available Boats

In addition to several high quality glass boats available online, I have been receiving a number of inquiries about project boats that are available.  One example from Colorado:

So a gentleman donated a Jet-14 “The Brigadoon” to us about 6-8 years ago, not sure where the hull number is located…We tried to restore the boat but we don’t have the expertise to get this going for our Sea Scout group.  Any idea who may want her?

If you have any interest, please contact me and I can forward his information.  See the classifieds page on the Jet-14 website for current listings of other boats.

New Jet-14 Website Coming Along

Speaking of the website, the brand new one that has been in production for several weeks now is close to completion.  We are finalizing all of the links, updating all of the pages, and installing a means of joining the class and doing online payments.  Look for the new page before Nationals in August.

Jet Triple Trailer Available

A unique trailer for hauling 3 Jets at once is available.  The trailer is currently at Severn Sailing Association but must be moved soon.  See recent emails from Michael Parramore if interested or I can put you in touch with him.

District Championship Changes

The 2015 District I championship will be at the Gravy Bowl August 2.  The District III Championship and Silver Chevron was cancelled May 30-31.  We are currently looking to reschedule – it will probably be September 5-6 at the Labor Day Regatta at Lake Norman.  Stay tuned.

That’s about it for now.  Send along any news or updates for the next post.

Chris (483)