Barbehenn Wins Record 20th Jet-14 Nationals

Brent Barbehenn secured his 20th Jet-14 National Championship yesterday at West River Sailing Club in Galesville, MD.  With 8 first place finishes out of the 9 races, Brent and crew Kate Erklauer dominated the fleet across a variety of wind and wave conditions.  Bryan and Tiffany Parker (Lorain Yacht and Sailing Club, OH) sailed consistently fast to easily clinch 2nd place by 12 points over Marion Zaugg and Ann Joudrey (Mohican Sailing Club, OH).  Rounding out the top 5 positions is Doug Brown and Susan Mallows (Hunterdon Sailing Club, NJ) in 4th and Koralina and James McKenna (Severn Sailing Association, MD) in 5th.

Results are posted on the Jet-14 website.  A more complete summary will be posted soon.

Jet-14 Nationals

2016 National Champions Brent Barbhenn and Kate Erklauer (558) sail out to the race course during Day 3 of the Jet-14 Nationals. Photo courtesy of Koralina McKenna



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Moving Day at Jet Nationals

GALESVILLE MD – Brent Barbehenn and Kate Erklauer solidified their Day 1 lead at the 2016 Jet-14 Nationals by winning all 3 races on Day 2. Despite the somewhat promising forecast, the winds failed to materialize as the fleet raced in generally light and fluky air all day. Race 5 saw a fresh breeze fill in from the right that buried boats that went to the other side in the short, 3 lap affair. After some course adjustment and with new found confidence, the race committee sent out the Jets on a 5-lapper that took about 5 hours to complete. The final race of the day was perhaps the most challenging, with the lead boats finishing well ahead of the main pack. There were no changes to the top 6 places overall, although the top boats separated from the boats immediately behind. However, there are now four new teams in the top 10, including Barb and Tom Joudrey (Mohican Sailing Club, OH) who found the light conditions much more to their liking. The final day of racing kicks off tomorrow at 9:30 am with two races expected. Winds are forecast to be out of the north at 6-12 kt, gradually subsiding into the afternoon.

Chevron Fleet 
Pos Sail Skipper/Crew                     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   Total Pos
1   558 Barbehenn, Brent/Erklauer, Kate  [2]  1   1   1   1   1   1    6.00  1 
2  1135 Parker, Bryan/Parker, Tiffany     1   2   2   2  [7]  2   3   12.00  2 
3  1132 Zaugg, Marion/Joudrey, Anne       5   3  [7]  3   2   3   2   18.00  3 
4   747 Brown, Doug/Mallows, Susan        3   9   3   5   4   8 [10]  32.00  4 
5  1143 McKenna, Koralina/McKenna, James  9   5   6   4 [14] 10   4   38.00  5 
6   483 Hennon, Chris/Hennon, Paula       7   7   4   6   8 [17] 11   43.00  6
7   217 Michos, Dave/Michos, Sue         10   4 [OCS] 7   3  12   8   44.00  7
8   717 Grace, Tom/Pacheco, Paula        14   8   8 [17] 11   6   7   54.00  8
9    94 Joudrey, Barb/Joudrey, Tom       13  10  14  12 [16]  5   5   59.00  9
10 1146 Johnson, Eric/Cotell, Cathy      16 OCS  11  10   6  11   6   60.00 10

Jet-14 Women Nationals Results

Connie Berchem and crew Teri Fosmire (Asheville, NC) overcame light and shifty conditions today on the Chesapeake to take the 1-race Jet-14 Women National Championships.  Sailing in their recently acquired #1128, Berchem and Fosmire kept just enough momentum in the final leg to edge out Madison Porter/Nicky Einthoven (Lake Norman Yacht Club / Hunterdon Sailing Club).  It’s Berchem and Fosmire’s first National Championship.

The five boat fleet struggled to get to the race course on time as the promising morning breeze quickly laid down.  With a few seconds to go to the starting gun, Paula Hennon and crew Paula Pacheco (Asheville Sailing Club, Lake Norman Yacht Club) found themselves too close to the pin and had to circle back in 2 kt of wind.  Porter/Einthoven found a nice left shift and started on port tack, finding some decent breeze and taking the early lead.  But as most boats discovered at one time or another, there were many holes to be found and the lead changed several times up the first beat.

Local sailors Laury Parramore and Johanna, sailing the “Yankee Maid” (#1145), found enough wind on the downwind leg to pull within 40 yards of victory when a large hole developed, stopping them in their tracks and even sending them backwards.  Hennon and Pacecho were looking for the wind to fill from the right to take them to the boat end of the line but it was not to be.  That left Berchem/Fosmire and Porter/Einthoven to finish for the championship.

Unfortunately, any further racing was cancelled because of the light air and the boats were towed back in to West River Sailing Club.  The Jet-14 Open Nationals begins Friday with 22 boats registered so far.

Governor’s Cup / District III Results

Results are in from the District III Championships in NC– look for Cleveland Race Week results from the same weekend soon.

Next regatta on the schedule is the Independence Day event at Lake Norman Yacht Club.  Follow the link for information and registration.

Early registration for Nationals is underway – all of the information is available on the class website.

That’s it for now!


Imprints in Time

I have always been interested in the American Civil War for as long as I can remember.  I’ve read countless books describing lively skirmishes, fierce battles, courageous generals – and of course, the gruesome cruelty of war. So when I had the opportunity as a young man to visit the Gettysburg National Battlefield to experience the site of perhaps the most infamous battle in American history, I was giddy at the prospect of imagining battle formations from atop Seminary Ridge, feeling the adrenaline pouring through the ranks of the 20th Maine on Little Round Top, and walking through the field in the footsteps of Pickett’s men as the battle reached its climax.

But when I arrived and began to tour the field, my excitement was overtaken by an immense sense of sadness and reverence.  This was the place where over 8,000 men lost their lives in three days.  8,000 husbands who did not come home.  Tens of thousands of children who would not see their fathers again.  I knew the stories from the books, but it wasn’t until I was at that place that I could feel Gettysburg.  Gettysburg has an energy that is as real as the love we feel for our own families.  I felt the energy of those who died there.  I feel it at all of the other battlefields that I have visited since.

It may seem ridiculous to compare a battle at a military park with a sailing regatta, but this past weekend I experienced a similarly powerful reaction.  West River Sailing Club hosted the Dave Irey Memorial Regatta and welcomed back the Jet-14s, who have been absent from the club since the fleet was disbanded a few years ago.  It was my first time back at WRSC since my first ever sailing regatta in 2001.  At that time, my girlfriend (now wife Paula) thought it would be a good idea to put my 3 weeks of sailing experience to the test as crew in the WRSC fleet boat, “Betty”.

As I looked around the grounds, imprints of that weekend immediately came forward as if I was back in 2001.  There was Rhett Simmonds helping us rig Betty.  The damn tiller extension that kept popping off unless Paula pushed down on it just right.  The race that turned into a reach to reach that was won handily by some guy from New Jersey named Brent Barbehenn.  Hiking so hard that my legs began to spasm.  Gary Mentesana showing up just for Sunday’s races in a boat held together with duct tape and 564 gallons of epoxy and winning both of them.  I could feel that this was a special place for the Jet class.

This past weekend, 6 Jet-14 skippers, crews and their friends and families created new imprints in time.  We raced, argued a little, had a few drinks, ate plenty of seafood, and promised to see each other again in August for the Nationals.  Our numbers were not large, but the energy was positive and powerful.  We missed those that have moved on but treasured our friends that could be with us.  It was good to be back.


Mohican Chiefs Regatta

The Mohican Chiefs regatta just wrapped up this past weekend at Mohican Sailing Club.  There were 13 boats and plenty of stories to fill the newspapers, including a spinnaker fatality,  a Richard Simmons/Refrigerator Perry reference, and “Shao”.  Marion Zaugg and Anne Joudrey came out on top – you can read Marion’s classic summary and view the results here:

Mohican Chiefs Results

Upcoming Events

There are a number of Jet-14 events coming up this month.  The festivities start this weekend at West River Sailing Club in Galesville, MD as the Jets return for the Dave Irey Memorial Regatta.  West River is the former home of one of the older Jet-14 fleets and the site of the 2016 Nationals this year.  As of June 1 we have 6 boats officially registered from three states (NC, MD, and NJ), with a couple more expected.  Look for results and a recap on the Jet website later this month.

As the days continue to get longer into the middle of June, we will turn our attention to a couple of big events.  During the weekend of June 18-19, Cleveland Race Week returns and promises to bring fun big lake racing in the shadows of downtown Cleveland.  For those in the mid-Atlantic and southeast, another option that weekend is the Governor’s Cup regatta on Kerr Lake in Henderson, NC.  We’re expecting a nice crowd for that one, which also serves as the District III championship this year.  See the Regatta Network sites for information and registration for both events:

Cleveland Race Week
Governor’s Cup

Fleet 65 Update

After a wildly successful Southern Comfort Classic in April, the Asheville contingent of Fleet 65 is happy to welcome Bill Woodson, who joins the fleet with his purchase of #433.  Bill has crewed on big boats before but this is his first foray into the helming a dinghy.  The Jet-14s now boast the largest fleet at the Asheville Sailing Club with 7 boats.

Farther east, the fleet boasts active Jets at Lake Norman Yacht Club, Lake Townsend, and Carolina Sailing Club.  Tim Porter (#628, #544) and Tom Grace (#717) are looking forward to hosting two events later this season at LNYC.


Jet-14 #1091

Jet-14 #1091 is for sale at SSA

There’s been some movement on the classifieds page recently.  Just added is Jet #1091 (“Woodstock”), a Dubdum that has been recently updated.  The boat is packaged with the SSA triple trailer for $2000, a fantastic deal.

If you’re looking for a newer Jibetech Jet, Kate Erklauer’s #1145 could be your ride. It’s got all the cool stuff, including 8 sails!

Finally, Denise from Massachusetts recently contacted me about a hull her late husband worked on for a number of years restoring.  The hull number is unknown at this time, but it is most likely a Siddons and Sindle circa late 1950s.  Check it out and call Denise if you might be interested in finishing a fine, solid wood hull.

If you have any updates or other things to post here, just send me an email.



Southern Comfort Classic Results

The first Jet-14 regatta for the 2016 season is in the books and President Barbehenn starts it off the right way.  Read the story and view the nice pictures here:


Lenny Wells and Caswell Kern of Asheville Sailing Club fly the chute in preparation for racing at the 2016 Southern Comfort Classic. Wells and Caswell would go on to a third place finish overall.


Welcome to 2016 from President Barbehenn

Welcome to 2016, another promising year for Jet sailing! 2015 ended on a high note with 15 boats enjoying another awesome regatta hosted by Mohican Sailing Club, and there is no reason why more will not attend this coming year. Although there has been a decline in participation in the NJ and Chesapeake areas, North Carolina continues to gain momentum, and Ohio remains strong. Perhaps with West River Sailing Club (Galesville, MD) hosting this year’s Nationals in the beginning of August, there will be a resurgence of activity in the area. Word has it Dirk Schwenk may come out of retirement for the event!

The first event to look forward to will be the Southern Comfort Regatta in beautiful Asheville, NC (April 16-17).  Just visiting Asheville without sailing is fun enough, but when you get to sail as well….doesn’t get better! Even if it’s cold weather, no problem. The 80 degree water (courtesy of the nearby power plant) keeps us warm!  Friday nite darts, hushpuppies, and perhaps a golf lesson from golf pro/ex-prez/webmaster/regatta chairman Chris Hennon (if you get there a day early) are other bonuses for attending this fun event.

Again, THANK YOU Chris for serving as Class President the past 2 years.  I have previously served as President, and it is again an honor to do it. We have a talented Board of Governors, and I look forward to working with everyone to continue the momentum Chris has built. The 2016 schedule is nearly complete – look for it soon.

And I urge everyone to keep in mind that “I” cannot make things happen, rather “WE” can make it happen. Let’s have a great year!


Brent Barbehenn Jet-14 #558

Fleet 65 News

Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco visited Asheville from Lake Norman for January frost biting action on Lake Julian. They borrowed "Charlie's Angel" (#1129) for the day.

Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco visited Asheville from Lake Norman for January frost biting action on Lake Julian. They borrowed “Charlie’s Angel” (#1129) for the day.

Five Jets were out on a brisk January day this weekend for the second Asheville Sailing Club (ASC) frostbite regatta.  Lenny Wells (#1130) serves as the Vice Commodore for ASC and organized a “Pursuit” style race, whereby boats with slower handicaps start first and the finishing order is determined solely by the place you cross the finish line.  On hand from the local Jet fleet were Connie Berchem and Teri Fosmire (#951, showing off some nice newer sails), Lenny and some hot shot kid, Chris and Paula Hennon (#483), newcomer Tanya Rodriguez with an enthusiastic young lady crew (#203), and Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco, who drove up from Charlotte for the weekend and raced in #1129, one of the all time classic Jets.

Although the racing was rather informal and there were no prizes, the Jets raced extremely well and all finished in the top 5 out of the 12 total boats racing.  A particular highlight was Race 2, where four Jets rounded the top mark together and battled their way to the finish as a tightly knit pack.  In Race 3, Lenny and the hotshot kid rounded first and gradually pulled away for a dominating victory – Lenny credited good crewman-ship and his new set of UK Sails, made by our own Connie Berchem.

Fleet 65 Growing

The North Carolina scene has been maintaining momentum over the last few years and this year promises to bring more growth.  ASC has gone from 1 Jet to 7 in five years and we now regularly get 4-5 for every club race.  Fleet Captain Barry Saunders is doing his thing out east getting boats on the water.  This past year we welcomed newcomers Don and Rebecca Janeway (#1115) to the circuit.  For the upcoming season, we are planning on holding one regatta each month at venues like Asheville, Lake Norman Yacht Club (site of the 2013 Nationals), and Kerr Lake (Henderson, NC) and welcome travelers to each.

Southern Comfort Classic Dates Announced

You’ve heard the stories, now plan on experiencing it first hand.  The 2016 SCC at Asheville Sailing Club will be held April 16-17.  This is small lake racing (think Mohican but 1/4 the size) defined, with lots of shifts, mystery puffs, and holes – and, a good amount of breeze, if past years are any indication.  Off the water activities are once again in the planning stages, but will likely include the Friday night social (aka “Darts Night”), a Friday afternoon golf tournament (tentatively called the “Barbehenn Beatdown”), and the Saturday evening catered BBQ at the lake.  Look for details in the coming weeks but plan now to come on down – Barney is waiting.  Contact Chris Hennon for details and info.

Fleet 65 Already Making Nationals Plans

You might have heard that the Jet-14 class is returning to West River Sailing Club August 4-7 for the 2016 Nationals.  We’re making plans to get at least 6 boats there on the line.

Do You Have Fleet News?

Post news about your fleet here.  Just send the information to me and I’ll put out the newsletter, or feel free to go ahead and post to the Jet-14 National email list.