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October Highlights

So much stuff going on the past couple of weeks.  I will try to be brief here – click on the links below for even more information.

Barbehenn Takes 4th At Championship of Champions Regatta

Edgewater Yacht Club (home of Jet-14 Fleet 60) hosted the US Sailing COC Regatta this past weekend, which happened to coincide with our Halloween Classic down in Mohican country (more on that later).  I am pleased to report that 2013 Jet-14 Nationals champion Brent Barbehenn finished 4th in the 11-race, 19-boat regatta, picking up two bullets and two seconds.  Brent ended up winning a tiebreaker with Greg Fisher (J-22 champion) and Skip Dieball (Highlander champ), both whom have competed in the Jet-14 nationals in the past.   If you are not familiar with the format, all of the One Design class champions (either National, North Americans, World) from the previous year are eligible.  The event rotates through a variety of one design boats; this year the fleet raced Thistles.  Bryan and Tiffany Parker are eligible for next year’s event.

COC regatta write up
COC Full Results

Moran/Blonski Topple Champs at Halloween Classic

We had a wonderful couple of days in Mansfield this past weekend.  Four boats made the trip from North Carolina (some with more adventures than others) and Dean Whalen and Kelly drove all the way from upstate NY to experience the He-Man breakfast.  As usual, Marion and the rest of the Mohican Sailing Club membership stepped it up and made us all feel at home.

As for the racing, Ian Moran teamed up with PJ Blonski to win his second Jet-14 regatta in a row by topping the national champion crew, Marion, and anyone else who dared to stick a bow up there.  The kid is about 8 years old and couldn’t be more polite as he passes you on the race course.  We hope that Ian will continue to develop his immense talent in the Jet; he definitely will give all of us a new level to aspire to.

And congratulations to Karen Hugon (#884) for winning the 9-boat crew race.  Many of you know Karen from racing her forest green boat “Cora” for many years until retiring from racing to travel around and visit grandkids.  She now crews regularly for MSC member Dan Rieber and showed everyone that her skills have not left.

Halloween Classic Write Up/Results

Saunders and Ochoa Share Their Survival Race Story

Fast reach across Cedar Island

Fast reach across Cedar Island

Barry Saunders and Todd Ochoa (Fleet 65, Raleigh/Durham) not only survived the NC WaterTribe Challenge but were the first monohull to finish the race (#737, “Old Blue”).  You can read all about their awesome adventures and a call for a companion Jet for next year’s race below.

2014 Watertribe Challenge

2014 Packanack Regatta Results

John Henderson took top honors at the Packanack Regatta in a nice 6-boat fleet, including 5 Packanack boats.  I hope we can see some of these guys at other NJ venues next year.  Results:

1.  John Henderson — Packanack Yacht Club
2.  David Veno  — Hunterdon Sailing Club
3.  Jeff Swede — Packanack Yacht Club
4.  Doug Johnson — Packanack Yacht Club
5.  George Swede — Packanack Yacht Club
6.  Chris Seliga — Packanack Yacht Club

Jet-14 Board Positions Open

After our annual meeting at the Mayfield Nationals, two positions remained vacant on the Jet-14 board.  District I (NJ) does not have a VP to serve on the board.  District VPs are responsible for coordinating fleet activity/scheduling, attending and participating in national board meetings and reporting to the BOG on district activity.  Of course you must be from District I to serve as the VP.  If you are interested or just want to know more about it, please let me know.

Also, JetBlasts (the Jet-14 newsletter that actually comes in the mail) have not been produced in a couple of years.  Each issue can contain anything from regatta results to member profiles to other news.  While electronic media may have replaced many of the functions of the JetBlasts, the BOG overwhelmingly supports the continuation of JetBlasts delivery to the membership.  All we need is an enthusiastic person to collect material and create the newsletter, perhaps quarterly or even bi-annually.  If this is something you would like to do to serve the class, please send me a message!

Jet #438 Available to a Good Home

I have been talking with a very nice woman who would like to donate her wooden Jet-14 to a good home.  Jet #438 was renovated about 20 years ago and is in good shape; she will need some modernization to bring her up to racing standards.  Check out the pictures below and contact me if you are interested; I will put you in touch with the owner.

Jet #438 Pictures

2015 Nationals Venue Announced

Mohican Sailing Club has agreed to host the 2015 Jet-14 Nationals.  No dates yet, but they are going to try to make sure there are no large conflicts with the Interlakes, Thistles, etc….  Much more to come out in the coming months.

That’s about it for now.  Have a great end of year/offseason!