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Jet-14 Nationals Reflections

It’s hard to adequately describe the overwhelmingly positive experience that I had at Nationals.  Even more surprising since we had to deal with a rogue trailer roller that decided to punch through our hull on the very first day.  Bryan Parker has written up a fantastic recap of the racing and some of the other highlights of the week.  Now that things have calmed down and I’ve had some time to reflect, allow me to highlight some of the awesome things that I saw and experienced during the week at Mayfield.  I’m sure that many of you had similar experiences.

1. Dean and Kelly Whalen

Can’t justify with words the job that was done to make this a successful event.  Kelly was everywhere all week, taking pictures, helping with food, helping the weary skippers and crew get out of the water, and just solving any problem that came along.  As far as I could tell, Dean took the lead in just about everything for the event, including gathering race committee, arranging housing (thank you for our lovely boat!), food, finding crew, t-shirts, auction, and everything else required to pull off a Nationals.  Thank you!  And Chris Whalen, you are getting good – keep sailing!

2. Mayfield Yacht Club and their generous members

MYC is not a one-design club.  In fact, the Jet-14s as far as I can tell are the only non-cruising/power boat fleet in the whole club.  So I was gratified to see that their membership took it to another level to welcome us back, whether it be helping out on race committee, taking pictures, helping with food, donating their boats for housing (or rescue!), letting us park and mess up their grounds, and just making us feel welcome.  I know I speak for everyone when I say that we will look forward to coming back!

3. Dave Japikse the boat finder

I thought our Nationals was over at the end of Day 1 when #483 jumped off the trailer pulling up the ramp and crashed down through the trailer (completely my fault I should add).  Next I think I know, Dave is pulling out of the club with an empty trailer (the Parker’s – thank you!) on his way to pick up a mysterious Jet-14 out in the woods somewhere.  He brought us a rock solid boat that we were able to race for the final couple of days without one thing breaking.  I hope we were able to help out with the tuning a little bit so that the boat will be a bit quicker.  Thank you! 

4. New faces in the fleet

At the 2013 Nationals at Lake Norman last year we had a number of new skippers and crews, many from the North Carolina area.  This year the trend continued.  I was happy to meet Paul and PJ Blonski (Edgewater), Lee Sackett with crew Emily (Edgewater), and Dennis Foley (Mayfield).  The trick is to keep the new faces coming back.  Signs are that this time they will.  Dennis was indicating his interest at coming out to Ohio this fall for the Halloween Classic.  Speaking of Edgewater, they had the most boats in the entire fleet – keep up the great fleet building work!

5. Quality of the racing was ridiculously good

The first two days we were more concerned with not flipping over than racing.  Watching the top boats compete in winds of 15-20 kt. with gusts into the 20s was mind blowing.  They were consistently keeping the boats flat and fast.  Chutes came out like it was nothing.  It looks like magic to me, and I know its not, but it gives us bottom feeders something to work for in the coming months and years.  

6. The new Iron Man

Tom Grace has raced in every single Jet-14 Nationals since 1975.  1975!!!  But more than that, Tom is just the nicest guy you will ever meet, and he’s incredibly important to Jet sailing at Lake Norman and in North Carolina.  I’m looking forward to many more years of competing with him and Paula Pacheco – someday we will pass them on a run.

7. My wife and crew Paula

Sharing a boat with your spouse in 20 kt is a good way to explosively release all at once those things that you’ve buried deep inside of you.  Paula, thank you for introducing me to sailing, for teaching me all I know, for trying to stay positive after I make yet another bad start (“Say FAST, not F@#!”), for sticking in there when your body says no, for putting up with my whining and complaining, for not telling me where to go, and for being my partner in sailing and in life.  

Racing sailboats is a great classroom for life.  Thank you all for letting me share these experiences with you.  


Jet-14 Nationals – Day 2

It was another wild day of sailing on Lake Sacandaga but this time we did manage to finish 3 exciting races.  The weather  forecast was calling for WSW winds in the 10 kt range, which was probably where we were at on the long run out to the race course.  By the beginning of Race 2, winds again approached class limits in the upper teens and stayed there the rest of the day, with occasional puffs blasting through in the mid-20s range.  The observations tell it all.

Jet-14 Nationals day 2 wind observations on Lake Sacandaga (from iWindSurf.com)

Jet-14 Nationals day 2 wind observations on Lake Sacandaga (from iWindSurf.com)

A few boats came in early as the winds built but 3 long races were completed.  Bryan and Tiffany Parker were consistently at the top of the pack and have built a 4 point lead over a trio of boats from Edgewater YC: Dave and Sue Michos, the Gemperlines, and Lee Sackett.  Weather forecast for tomorrow calls for sunny skies, warmer temperatures, and a perfect 6-10 kt southwesterly wind.  Tune in tomorrow to see if the Parkers can hang on for the first Jet-14 National Championship.

Unofficial Results (Top 10)

1135  B. Parker  2 1 1    4
217  D. Michos 1 3 4    8
665  M. Gemperline  3 4 2  9
1152  L. Sackett  4 2 3  9
1130  L. Wells  11 5 5  21
1076  S. Parker  9 7 6  22
717  T. Grace  7 8 7  22
602  D. Japikse  15 6 8  29
1126  P. Blonski  8 14 9  31
203  C. Berchem  13 11 10  34

Jet-14 Nationals – Day 1


That word pretty much describes the events this day.  The fleet enthusiastically sailed out on a long run toward the starting area in a stiff but manageable 12-15 kt. wind.  As the race committee set up the course and the last Jets were arriving in the starting area, the wind began to build and gusts approached 20 kt.  Team Whalen and Team Hennon retired before the start of the race, looking to get a head start on the 2 mile beat back to the club into an 18 kt. wind.  As they gazed back at the race, many boats were pinching up into the gusts but things overall seemed under control.  It appeared that the leaders (Parker, Zaugg, Gemperline, Michos) were flying their chutes on the long run even as gusts began to exceed 20 kt.  As they rounded the gate and began the second windward leg, gusts were regularly measured above 20 kt. with maxima in the upper 20s according to the race committee. Weather observations from the lake confirmed their measurements, with the peak wind occurring just after noon with a gust above 30 mph:

Lake Sacandaga wind observations for Thursday August 14, 2014

Lake Sacandaga wind observations for Thursday August 14, 2014 (graph from iWindsurf.com)

 Boats began to capsize all over the course.  Grace and Pacheco went over with the chute, snapping Tom’s tiller in the process.  Eitnthoven swamped and could not recover without aid – her crew sliced open her fingers on the centerboard and had to make a trip to the emergency room for stitches. The race was abandoned but many in the fleet were not aware as the race committee boat pulled up anchor to aid several capsized boats.  Those still upright continued all the way up the beat and then began their second run toward a finish line that did not exist.  Another puff in the upper twenties put Zaugg and Michos over within seconds of each other.  It would be over 2 hours before they could be rescued and safely returned to shore.  There were too many tales to retell here, but lots of belongings were recovered in the water when other boats returning home “sailed through the debris field” of the capsized Jets. 

Apparently the fun wasn’t over at the ramp.  Hennon did not sufficiently tie the boat to the trailer and when the car began to pull the boat out, the weight of several gallons of water rushing aft pulled the boat off the back of the trailer.  Unfortunately, the boat also crashed off the side of the trailer, allowing the trailer roller to do this to the hull:


After spending a significant time in the water, Marion finally got towed in and pulled out of the lake only to have water in the tanks rush back and pull his boat off the trailer as well.  Lots of other boats had broken lines, blocks, and other rigging that were being worked on well into the afternoon.  An emergency run to West Marine got several boats back in working order.

Tom Grace said afterward that it was probably the worst day he can remember in terms of wreckage to a fleet.  In my relatively brief experience over the last 10 years I must say that I agree.  The forecasters are calling for a more pleasant day tomorrow with winds in the 7-10 kt range.  We lost a couple of boats today but most of the fleet will be back looking to jump into Nationals contention tomorrow.


Nationals Weather Forecast

You may not know this but I am a professional meteorologist.  Some claim this gives me an inherent advantage to racing sailboats, but my results speak to the truth.  What I do know is that there is some great news for our Nationals participants and some not so great news for the Women and Juniors on Wednesday.

Women/Junior Nationals on Wednesday looks like a good day to own an ark.  Heavy rain is forecast Tuesday night and through the day on Wednesday with 1-2″ accumulations.  Typically this type of rain comes with little wind unless we’re dealing with a tropical storm.  A reschedule of this event to later in the week is likely – stay tuned.

Once we get past Wednesday, the weather looks FANTASTIC.  Partly sunny Thursday, temperatures in the upper 60s, with a strong 12-18 kt westerly.  For those who remember the 2009 event at Mayfield, this is about the opposite of what we had on day 1.  Friday looks like another awesome day, with 6-10 kt. winds, dry conditions, and temperatures in the mid-upper 60s again.  And we’ll finish things off Saturday in 8-12 kt. conditions with warming temperatures into the mid-70s.

I know I will be enjoying the conditions regardless of my finishes (cough cough).  Before I sign off I’d like to thank Marion and the folks at Mohican Sailing Club for letting us get in some pre-Nationals racing on Sunday.  We had 5 Jets out there along with a few Interlakes in a pretty decent Mohican wind.

From a luxurious Red Roof Inn in Utica NY,

Jet-14 Nationals Preview Part Deux

We’re a couple of weeks away and have had some new registrations for Nationals.  The Vegas odds makers have been busy updating their betting lines.  Here’s a couple of more entries for those looking for a good score:

#1135 – Bryan and Tiffany Parker (5-2) – Pros: Talent, experience, almost topped Barbehenn at Mayfield 5 years ago, incomparable boat speed, just reproduced.  Cons: Distracted by poopy diapers, probably a little rusty, troubled by Ohio State band director dismissal, probably haven’t been on the water as much as they like.

#94 – Barb Zaugg and Tom Joudrey (7-1) – Pros: Boat weighs about 50 lbs., good family chemistry, Tom’s good grasp of English, fast downwind.  Cons: This isn’t English class, 235 lbs. of lead required to make minimum weight, boat was built during the Eisenhower administration.

Welcome to our New Members!

Received a couple of notes this week from some new NJ members – very encouraging to hear about new growth in that region:

Paul Fisher joins Fleet 51 at Hunterdon SC.  Paul recently purchased #1140 and is eager to try out this 2-person racing thing.  The fleet is already meeting with Paul to sort out stuff and get them on the water.

Fleet 35 (Packanack Lake) is welcoming Chris Seliga, who recently acquired #1013.  Chris is looking for a decent Sailor’s Tailor cover if anyone is looking to get a new one.

Nationals Silent Auction Taking Shape

The silent auction during Nationals is a great event that helps raise money for the class – and attendees always get great deals on awesome stuff.  Matt Japikse and his friends at Mayfield YC have been busy gathering merchandise and services for the event.  Dave recently posted a photo of one of the items on the Jet-14 Facebook page:


Whoa!  My bad.  Here’s what Matt really posted:


Two-way radio!  Nice.  By the way, please join the Jet-14 Facebook group!

That’s it for now – get your Nationals registration in if you haven’t already.


Nationals Preview

We’re about two weeks away from the 2014 Nationals at Mayfield.  Registrations are still coming in daily.  One sailor who will not be able to attend this year is Brent Barbehenn, who has won the last 12 championships (and several others before his streak was snapped at Mentor in 2001 by Greg Koski).

This news means two things.  One, there will be no “green” served this year.  And, the championship is now wide open for the taking.  Vegas has identified a couple of early favorites:

Marion Zaugg (4-1): Pros: Has been sailing since he was in the womb, convenient tuning partner with sister Barb, best looking centerboard in the class, aerodynamic head, no one to police his boat setup since he is the measurement guru.  Cons: Some guy off the street is crewing for him, pretty boat deck is distracting, tends to lose spinnaker poles at inopportune moments.

Dave Michos (4-1): Pros: Spouse is regular crew, boat points higher than someone on the “green”, Cleveland Browns fan, superb boat handling.  Cons: Spouse is regular crew, distracted by new running and fishing careers, uses Ektelon instead of Pro Kennex, trips to The Villages hints at thoughts of retirement.

Looking at registrations already received, Edgewater YC leads the way with 6 boats.  Don’t delay – get your registration in today and join the fun in the Adirondacks.

Wren Regatta Results

Our friends at Hunterdon had a good bit of racing last weekend at the Wren Regatta.  Here are the results courtesy of David Veno:

747 Brown/Mallows              1 1 1 2 1   6
1007 Benson/Benson            2 3 2 1 2   10
1150 Veno/Veno                    3 2 4 3 3    15
1116 Einthoven/Tellefson    4 4 3 4 4    19

Good to see Doug Brown back at it – hope the back is holding up!  In other NJ news, I received a nice email from Chris Seliga (Fleet 35, Packanack):

After patiently waiting for over a year, Jet 1013 came up for sale in our club (fleet 35), and now she’s mine!  I will resurrect her on the lost Jet roster soon.  She’s sail-able and in really good shape but needs a little TLC.  I will be going over the rigging for the remainder of the summer and making adjustments.  We had our monthly club race last weekend and all of our Jetters including Bob Higgins were glad to see me sailing her.  After we raced they were very eager to offer advice which is great.

Good news!  We’ll be looking forward to seeing Chris out on the water this coming season.

North Carolina Updates

Connie Berchem and Teri Fosmire (Asheville SC) have now acquired Tim Porter’s boat (#544) and will be racing her at Nationals this year.  Tim (Lake Norman YC) will be working on campaigning #645 in the coming year.  John Ogden (Hendersonville NC) will be racing #203 at Asheville SC, and Connie has been busy making repairs on #958.  This will give Asheville SC 7 boats in their local fleet, and more than 14 in the Carolina fleet as a whole.  We’ve come a long way in a couple of years.

Also heard some good news from Jim Hickman (Chapel Hill NC).  You may remember Jim from a few of the Spring Thaw events a few years back.  It sounds like Jim is ready to dive back in big time as he’s been working on #768 – see his beautiful paint job below.

Jim Hickman has #768 looking real fast

Jim Hickman has #768 looking real fast

Boats for Sail

Lots of good boats available on the class webpage – check them out!

Hope to see many of you at Mayfield in two weeks.



Connections (July updates)

The Jet-14 class had a big weekend June 14-15 as 3 regattas in 3 different states with over 20 boats competing were contested.  More important than the numbers and results were the new and missed faces that we connected with.  As I was reading Fleet 61 captain Eric Johnson’s  Konigsburg report, I was pleased to see that Kate Erklauer was back on the water after taking some time off to begin her family.  Racing next to Kate was Michael Parramore, who has a much longer history and personal connection with the Jet-14 than I will ever have.  Michael has been busy racing Lasers with his daughter and supporting his wife’s equine habit (which I know a little about).  It was fantastic to hear about their weekend and I hope we see more of you very soon.

Jet-14 #203

New members Connie Berchem and Teri Fosmire (#203) round the top mark at the 2014 Governor’s Cup

At the NC Governor’s Cup down in Henderson, NC, I am happy to report that Fleet 65 has grown by another couple of boats.  Connie Berchem has teamed with Teri Fosmire to campaign #203 for the rest of the season.  Connie was a last minute crew fill in for me at the District III championships at SSA.  She has been a sail maker for over 20 years and has a knack for making a boat go fast.  Teri is the mother of Hunter Trombetta, who many of you may remember as an up and coming sailor who crewed for Fleet 65 member Lenny Wells at the Lake Norman nationals last year.  She is new to sailing and learning fast – they make a great team.  Speaking of Lenny, he has officially joined Fleet 65 as the new owner of #1130 – congratulations!  We’ll be seeing him, Connie, and Teri at Nationals this year.  We were also excited to meet Don Janeway from Chapel Hill, the new owner of #1115.  Don has a lot of racing and restoration experience and we are looking forward to seeing him out on the water in the coming months.

2014 Nationals Registration Underway

Nationals chair Dean Whalen and his cohorts at Mayfield Yacht Club have an awesome Nationals planned (August 14-16).  The Women/Junior Nationals will be contested at the same venue on August 13.  The Notice of Race, measurement form, and registration are now available here:


The class association is running a special promotion this year – registration is waived for first-time Nationals skippers or owners.  Contact Chairman Whalen for details – you must be a member of the class association to take advantage of this offer.

Please note that there will be a “Nationals tune up” regatta (aka the Gravy Bowl) at Hunterdon SC in Clinton NJ August 9 – why not race there on your way to Mayfield?  The Gravy Bowl is also the third leg of the 2014 Traveler’s Series. Contact Fleet 51 member Nicky Einthoven for information.

Recent Results

Check out all of the results from the June 14-15 regattas, including an exciting tie breaker situation in Cleveland:

Governor’s Cup (plus lots of good pictures here)
Cleveland Race Week/Silver Chevron
Konigsburg Regatta

Upcoming Events (see Jet-14.com regatta page for details)

Lake Norman July 4th Regatta (July 5-6) – Mooresville NC
Wren Regatta (July 20) – Hunterdon Sailing Club, Clinton NJ
Gravy Bowl (August 9) – Hunterdon Sailing Club, Clinton NJ

Do you have any news?  Please send it along!

That’s it for now – see you on the water.

Chris (#483)



2014 Travelers Series

The 2013-2014 Jet 14 Class Travelers Series will continue this weekend June 14-15 with the Konigsberg Memorial Regatta at Severn Sailing Association, Annapolis, MD.
Each year, the Travelers Series kicks off after the Class Nationals with a regatta in the fall.  The 2013-14 Series started last October at Mohican Sailing Club’s Halloween Regatta, October 12-13 and is followed by three more events.
The Konigsberg will be the second scored regatta, followed by the Gravy Bowl at Hunterdon Sailing Club (Clinton, NJ) August 9 and concluding with the Jet 14 National Championships August 14-16 at Mayfield Yacht Club (Mayfield, NY).
The Series is scored using a high-point system which scores well-attended regattas more heavily.  For example, if there are 11 total boats registered for a regatta, the first-place boat would receive 11 points and the last-place boat would receive one point.  The scores at the more heavily attended Nationals Championships will be weighted only 50% of the entrants.
Though there are four events scored for the Series, a skipper only needs to race in three (with participation at the Nationals required).  If a skipper races all four, the worst (lowest) score will be discarded.
So attend as many events as you can and get yourself scored in the Travelers Series.
Dave Michos
Past President
Fleet 60 Captain

Mohican Chiefs Results

It has been on the rainy side this spring.  Happy are the grasses and the ubiquitous swarms of mosquitos.  But for the two days of our regatta, sunshine, blue skies and unfortunately not much else.   We did manage five races, two on Saturday and then three Sunday morning, but nobody escaped without at least one finish out of the top five.

Some high notes; 16 boats, great spirits all around, terrific food on the way to and from your boat, and some moments of fairly good air and racing.

Saturday, the fleet had some difficulty just getting to the club.  Dave and Sue Michos had to stop every thirty minutes to buy more transmission fluid, Bridget and Nate Ireland, as they were getting in their cars, discovered one of the small Irelands had in fact an ear infection……off to the clinic for medicine.  Then there were the usual discoveries rigging at a front end of a new sailing season, missing pins, parts, battens, and the boat that Zaugg had arranged for old (?) Jet-14 master Spence Crawfis to sail, well, wasn’t at all water tight. Gemperlines #665 had the board go down at the hoist and I mean all the way down.  Pretty good mechanics to get it more or less working again in time for the race.  Mike and Jon Chambers served up their usual fantastic lunch and we settled in for our speech from the PRO Mike Fulton.  The only thing maybe worse than trying to sail in such conditions would be to set a reasonable race course.  Mike was up to the task.

The trouble with the wind is the fleet had a noticeable tendency to invert say every other leg.  So not long after #1132 rounded the leeward mark of the first race in 12th, and began making plans for a fresh start in race two………we heard someone honk a horn and tell us we had won.  Not distressing except in our case it went decidedly downhill from there.  Bryan and Tiffany Parker nearly lead at every mark, so much for hard work and skill.  My nephew Tom led at the final windward mark in race one, was so disoriented that he then drove over it, and by the time he got going again had to pass three boats to manage a fourth.  Seth Parker with the effervescent Megan Beal at crew, shot through the fleet going to weather in the second race only to lose three places for a fifth as he was distracted by several foreign speaking floatboaters cheering for him.

Class newcomers Paul and PJ Blonski in Randy Bruns old #1126 were just plain solid but for one bad race.  Great to have them on board.

We had a big spaghetti dinner, my crew Keegan was only a little taken aback to learn that crewing also included cooking for 40 people, to her credit she took it all in stride.

How do you follow up dinner?  Well you wait ten hours and you serve breakfast.  The absolutely coolest part of the regatta for me was Emma, my step daughter.  She closed at work the night before, got up at 5:30 a.m. and drove 30 miles to help me cook and clean up the He-Man.  And smiled the entire time.

More racing and the wind was better.  That was all the Parker’s and the Blonski’s needed. Bill Buckles and Nate and Ben also hit their grooves.  See results.

Thank you again to all at Mohican that donated their time, days in advance to make it all happen.  And we wouldn’t bother if those that put it on their calendars and made what ever effort is necessary to be there didn’t.

See you on the water, Marion

May News Updates

  • Severn Sailing Association hosted the District III Championships last weekend.  Eric Johnson and Cathy Cotell (#1146) reclaimed the trophy by a significant margin after Gary and Cathy Mentesana (#1144) decided to spend their honeymoon on more romantic endeavors.  Write up and results are on the Jet-14 website:


  • New pictures are up on the Jet-14 picture website!  I have been working to migrate all of our older pictures from our website to the fantastic photo sharing site called SmugMug.  This week pictures from the 2005 regatta season (Spring Thaw, Chapel Thrill, Pines Lake, Chiefs, Nationals) make their debut.  Check out the Spring Thaw pics, which show some awesome heavy air sailing.  Also, I recently posted a video of Randy Bruns snapping a mast in two (the wind did it, not Randy!) – check it out!
  • Go browse the Jet-14 classifieds for a number of quality boats listed for sale.  The fast, beautiful, and lightly used class boat has been discounted, as well as a quality Saratoga-era wood boat (#793).  I also just listed a bargain glass boat from Spruce Run (#915)
  • June is a busy month for Jets.  We begin with the traditional Mohican Chief’s Regatta at Marion’s pond (May 31-June 1).  This is always a highlight on the Jet racing calendar and usually will produce a sizable fleet.  Two weeks later, there are three (yes, three) Jet regattas:

    You will be sailing in the land of Johnny Football if you come to Cleveland Race Week

    You will be sailing in the land of Johnny Football if you come to Cleveland Race Week

  1. Cleveland Race Week (Edgewater YC, contact Dave Michos) is the Silver Chevron regatta and leg 2 of the District II Championships.  What does Silver Chevron mean?  Well, if you do well, you will get silver chevrons to tape on your sail and then you will intimidate everyone else you compete against.  Dave and Sue Michos are working to actually have chevrons to give out this year, so don’t miss it.  Register online by June 1 to save $50 on registration.
  2. Konigsberg Regatta (Severn Sailing Association, contact Eric Johnson).  The Konigsberg is one of the big ones on the SSA calendar.  In fact, it was one of the names I saw on the Dist. III trophy before it was relinquished back to Eric and Cathy.  If you are in the mid-Atlantic/NJ region, please tell Eric you are coming down for this one, if only to experience the high water pressure shower in the clubhouse!
  3. NC Governor’s Cup Regatta (Kerr Lake, contact Barry Saunders Fleet 65 captain).  The Jets return to this big Southeast regional One Design event.  This is a can’t miss regatta for Jetters in the Carolinas.

Nationals Updates

The documents are being finalized and registration will be coming soon.  If you have never competed at a Jet-14 Nationals, this is the year as registration is FREE for first-timers.  That’s right, show up with your boat, pay your class membership, and you’re in.

The good folks at Hunterdon SC will be putting on a pre-Nationals tune up, more commonly known as the Gravy Bowl Regatta (August 9).  The Gravy Bowl will also serve as the first leg of the District I Championships AND it is also a Traveler’s Series event for this season.  So make a plan to hit that one on your way to New York, then stay a couple of days exploring NYC or the upstate.

That’s it for now.