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2014 Travelers Series

The 2013-2014 Jet 14 Class Travelers Series will continue this weekend June 14-15 with the Konigsberg Memorial Regatta at Severn Sailing Association, Annapolis, MD.
Each year, the Travelers Series kicks off after the Class Nationals with a regatta in the fall.  The 2013-14 Series started last October at Mohican Sailing Club’s Halloween Regatta, October 12-13 and is followed by three more events.
The Konigsberg will be the second scored regatta, followed by the Gravy Bowl at Hunterdon Sailing Club (Clinton, NJ) August 9 and concluding with the Jet 14 National Championships August 14-16 at Mayfield Yacht Club (Mayfield, NY).
The Series is scored using a high-point system which scores well-attended regattas more heavily.  For example, if there are 11 total boats registered for a regatta, the first-place boat would receive 11 points and the last-place boat would receive one point.  The scores at the more heavily attended Nationals Championships will be weighted only 50% of the entrants.
Though there are four events scored for the Series, a skipper only needs to race in three (with participation at the Nationals required).  If a skipper races all four, the worst (lowest) score will be discarded.
So attend as many events as you can and get yourself scored in the Travelers Series.
Dave Michos
Past President
Fleet 60 Captain

Mohican Chiefs Results

It has been on the rainy side this spring.  Happy are the grasses and the ubiquitous swarms of mosquitos.  But for the two days of our regatta, sunshine, blue skies and unfortunately not much else.   We did manage five races, two on Saturday and then three Sunday morning, but nobody escaped without at least one finish out of the top five.

Some high notes; 16 boats, great spirits all around, terrific food on the way to and from your boat, and some moments of fairly good air and racing.

Saturday, the fleet had some difficulty just getting to the club.  Dave and Sue Michos had to stop every thirty minutes to buy more transmission fluid, Bridget and Nate Ireland, as they were getting in their cars, discovered one of the small Irelands had in fact an ear infection……off to the clinic for medicine.  Then there were the usual discoveries rigging at a front end of a new sailing season, missing pins, parts, battens, and the boat that Zaugg had arranged for old (?) Jet-14 master Spence Crawfis to sail, well, wasn’t at all water tight. Gemperlines #665 had the board go down at the hoist and I mean all the way down.  Pretty good mechanics to get it more or less working again in time for the race.  Mike and Jon Chambers served up their usual fantastic lunch and we settled in for our speech from the PRO Mike Fulton.  The only thing maybe worse than trying to sail in such conditions would be to set a reasonable race course.  Mike was up to the task.

The trouble with the wind is the fleet had a noticeable tendency to invert say every other leg.  So not long after #1132 rounded the leeward mark of the first race in 12th, and began making plans for a fresh start in race two………we heard someone honk a horn and tell us we had won.  Not distressing except in our case it went decidedly downhill from there.  Bryan and Tiffany Parker nearly lead at every mark, so much for hard work and skill.  My nephew Tom led at the final windward mark in race one, was so disoriented that he then drove over it, and by the time he got going again had to pass three boats to manage a fourth.  Seth Parker with the effervescent Megan Beal at crew, shot through the fleet going to weather in the second race only to lose three places for a fifth as he was distracted by several foreign speaking floatboaters cheering for him.

Class newcomers Paul and PJ Blonski in Randy Bruns old #1126 were just plain solid but for one bad race.  Great to have them on board.

We had a big spaghetti dinner, my crew Keegan was only a little taken aback to learn that crewing also included cooking for 40 people, to her credit she took it all in stride.

How do you follow up dinner?  Well you wait ten hours and you serve breakfast.  The absolutely coolest part of the regatta for me was Emma, my step daughter.  She closed at work the night before, got up at 5:30 a.m. and drove 30 miles to help me cook and clean up the He-Man.  And smiled the entire time.

More racing and the wind was better.  That was all the Parker’s and the Blonski’s needed. Bill Buckles and Nate and Ben also hit their grooves.  See results.

Thank you again to all at Mohican that donated their time, days in advance to make it all happen.  And we wouldn’t bother if those that put it on their calendars and made what ever effort is necessary to be there didn’t.

See you on the water, Marion

May News Updates

  • Severn Sailing Association hosted the District III Championships last weekend.  Eric Johnson and Cathy Cotell (#1146) reclaimed the trophy by a significant margin after Gary and Cathy Mentesana (#1144) decided to spend their honeymoon on more romantic endeavors.  Write up and results are on the Jet-14 website:


  • New pictures are up on the Jet-14 picture website!  I have been working to migrate all of our older pictures from our website to the fantastic photo sharing site called SmugMug.  This week pictures from the 2005 regatta season (Spring Thaw, Chapel Thrill, Pines Lake, Chiefs, Nationals) make their debut.  Check out the Spring Thaw pics, which show some awesome heavy air sailing.  Also, I recently posted a video of Randy Bruns snapping a mast in two (the wind did it, not Randy!) – check it out!
  • Go browse the Jet-14 classifieds for a number of quality boats listed for sale.  The fast, beautiful, and lightly used class boat has been discounted, as well as a quality Saratoga-era wood boat (#793).  I also just listed a bargain glass boat from Spruce Run (#915)
  • June is a busy month for Jets.  We begin with the traditional Mohican Chief’s Regatta at Marion’s pond (May 31-June 1).  This is always a highlight on the Jet racing calendar and usually will produce a sizable fleet.  Two weeks later, there are three (yes, three) Jet regattas:

    You will be sailing in the land of Johnny Football if you come to Cleveland Race Week

    You will be sailing in the land of Johnny Football if you come to Cleveland Race Week

  1. Cleveland Race Week (Edgewater YC, contact Dave Michos) is the Silver Chevron regatta and leg 2 of the District II Championships.  What does Silver Chevron mean?  Well, if you do well, you will get silver chevrons to tape on your sail and then you will intimidate everyone else you compete against.  Dave and Sue Michos are working to actually have chevrons to give out this year, so don’t miss it.  Register online by June 1 to save $50 on registration.
  2. Konigsberg Regatta (Severn Sailing Association, contact Eric Johnson).  The Konigsberg is one of the big ones on the SSA calendar.  In fact, it was one of the names I saw on the Dist. III trophy before it was relinquished back to Eric and Cathy.  If you are in the mid-Atlantic/NJ region, please tell Eric you are coming down for this one, if only to experience the high water pressure shower in the clubhouse!
  3. NC Governor’s Cup Regatta (Kerr Lake, contact Barry Saunders Fleet 65 captain).  The Jets return to this big Southeast regional One Design event.  This is a can’t miss regatta for Jetters in the Carolinas.

Nationals Updates

The documents are being finalized and registration will be coming soon.  If you have never competed at a Jet-14 Nationals, this is the year as registration is FREE for first-timers.  That’s right, show up with your boat, pay your class membership, and you’re in.

The good folks at Hunterdon SC will be putting on a pre-Nationals tune up, more commonly known as the Gravy Bowl Regatta (August 9).  The Gravy Bowl will also serve as the first leg of the District I Championships AND it is also a Traveler’s Series event for this season.  So make a plan to hit that one on your way to New York, then stay a couple of days exploring NYC or the upstate.

That’s it for now.


Regatta Moments

I just returned home late last night from an incredible weekend of Jet sailing at Severn Sailing Association.  Fleet Captains Eric Johnson and Cathy Cotell were gracious hosts and worked hard to get the local sailors out.  Weather was almost perfect, with temperatures in the mid-upper 60s and a beautiful (but shifty!) 5-10 kt. northwesterly most of the weekend.

Eric will provide the highlights for the racing but I’d like to share what I thought were the best moments of the weekend.  After racing on Saturday, Eric arranged for a fleet dinner at Cantlers, a legendary local crab shack.  This place was so legendary that you had to wait 20 minutes to park your car before you had to wait 20 minutes for a table.  It was a tribute to the SSA fleet that everyone out sailing that day made the effort to share a table with their out of town guests.  I found out that Ed Lutz has about 232 boats (“I just love boats!” he exclaimed), graduated from the Naval Academy a long time ago and had JFK as his commencement speaker.  I learned that Gary Mentesana‘s father learned to sail by reading a book and that Gary’s college housing was a beachfront house which didn’t encourage studying.  We found out that Cathy Mentesana won’t take shit from Gary in the boat, and that Chris Wood doesn’t know the sail number of his own boat.

The SSA fleet couldn’t be more friendly on the water, even as they are kicking your ass.  Gary and Cathy are always thinking 4 steps ahead of everyone else, and then even try to take the blame when a certain port tacker almost t-boned them.  Eric and Cathy C. somehow make you feel O.K. that they are passing you again on the run.  You couldn’t tell whether Ed and Chris had finished last every race or won the regatta based on their demeanor after racing.  All thanked us profusely for coming out and supporting their event.  Good vibes.

I received an uplifting email this morning from my crew Connie Berchem .  When my regular crew was unable to make the trip I sent out a desperate call for help and Connie unexpectedly said “Hell yes, I’ll go to Annapolis with you!”.  I didn’t know Connie that well from our group in Asheville – she had had an incredibly rough stretch of life the past couple of years and wasn’t around that much.  But we had absolutely the best time in the boat, and she was an incredible source of encouragement and strength even when I was making my typical tactical errors.  She kept thanking me over and over again for the opportunity.  On our trip home, Connie told me that she wants to get a Jet of her own.

Regattas are so much more than winning or losing (yes, winning feels good I heard).  What is important is to show up – you never know nor will realize ahead of time how much good will come out of it.  These are the moments that bind us together and give us the energy to continue forward.  I was worried about how our friends at SSA were going to stick through this challenging period, but after this weekend I know they got this.


District III Championships NOR

We hope you will be able to join Fleet 61 at the Severn Sailing Association for the District III Championships May 17-18.  You do not have to be a member of District III to participate!



Severn Sailing Association, Annapolis MD

Here’s the info:

NOTICE OF RACE – Jet-14 Severn Sailing Association Spring Series and District III Championships

Severn Sailing Association is the host and organizing authority for this regatta, in conjunction with Jet-14 Fleet 61.


This regatta will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS/US).  US Sailing Prescriptions to Rule 60, 63.2, and 63.4 are deleted.


The regatta is open to any boat in the Jet-14 class


Eligible boats may be entered by completing a registration form and paying the required fee by one hour before the scheduled start of the first race for the entering boat.

No fee for SSA members; $40 for non-SSA members


The racing area will be in the Severn River in the vicinity of Bembe Beach or in the Chesapeake Bay in the vicinity of Whitehall Bay.


Five races are scheduled for the regatta.  The scheduled time for the first warning signal of each race day shall be 1100 hours.  Changes to the schedule will be posted on the official notice board.


The regatta will be scored according with the Low Point System of Appendix A, except that a boat’s series score will be the total of all her race scores.


Prizes will be awarded to skippers and crews placing first, second, and third in the regatta


US Route 50 to Exit 24, Rowe Blvd (MD 70). Bear right onto Rowe Blvd.  Cross Weems Creek and College Creek.  Continue on Rowe Blvd as it bears right after College Creek.  At Church Circle you must turn right – continue about 180 degrees around Church Circle to Duke of Gloucester Street – the Maryland Inn is on the corner of that intersection – turn right.  Follow Duke of Gloucester Street and turn right at end.  Cross Spa Creek Bridge and take the first left onto Severn Ave. (Shell Station).  Go five blocks; turn left onto First Street.  SSA is at the end of the street on the right.


Here is a list of local hotels and B&Bs:

Marriott Annapolis Waterfront (0.29 mi) 1-800-228-9290 www.annapolismarriott.com
Historic Inns of Annapolis (0.59 mi) 410-263-2641 www.historicinnsofannapolis.com
State House Inn (0.64 mi) 410-990-0024
Loews Annapolis Hotel (0.97 mi) 1-800-526-2593 www.loewsannapolis.com
O’Callahan Annapolis Hotel (1.06 mi) 410-263-7700 www.ocallahanhotels.com
The Westin Annapolis (3.12 mi) 410-972-4300 www.westin.com/Annapolis
Holiday Inn Express Suites Annapolis (3.35 mi) 1-877-863-4780 www.hiexpress.com
Comfort Inn Annapolis (3.41 mi) 410-757-8500 www.comfortinn.com/Maryland
Sheraton Annapolis Hotel (3.55 mi) 410-266-3131 www.Sheraton.com/Annapolis
Springhill Suites by Marriott (3.57 mi) 443-321-2500 www.marriott.com/SHSAnnapolis
Doubletree Annapolis (3.57 mi) 410-224-3150 www.doubletreeannapolis.com
Hampton Inn and Suites Annapolis (3.66 mi) 410-571-0200 www.HamptonInn.com
Residence Inn by Marriott Annapolis (3.77 mi) 410-573-0300 www.ResidenceInn.com
Courtyard by Marriott (3.83 mi) 800-695-8284 410-266-1555 www.Marriott.com
Hilton Garden Inn Annapolis (4.25 mi) 410-266-9006 www.hiltongardeninn.com
Quality Inn Annapolis (4.47 mi) 1-877-424-6423 www.QualityInn.com
Super 8 Annapolis (3.41 mi) 410-757-2222 www.super8.com
Best Western Annapolis (3.63 mi) 1-800-780-7234 www.bestwestern.com
Country Inn and Suites (4.2 mi) 1-888-201-1746 www.countryinns.com/hotels/mdannap

Eric Johnson, Fleet Captain, Jet-14 Fleet 61

Upgraded Jet-14 Photo Site

Jet-14 SmugmugThe Jet-14 class subscribes to SmugMug, a fantastic website designed to present your photos in a convenient and attractive fashion.  SmugMug just recently upgraded their site and our Jet photos have never looked better.  Give it a look:


Currently, we have photos from the 2003-2004, and 2009-2014 regattas plus a bunch of recent Nationals.  I am working on filling in the pictures from the 2005-2008 seasons, as well as tagging all the photos by boat number.  This will allow you to take advantage of one of the nice features of Smugmug – searching for all of the pictures of your boat.   If you can’t wait to view the 2005-2008 pictures, you can find those on our website.

If you have photos (or movies!) you would like to have posted on our page, please let me know and we can discuss the best way to get them up there.

Look for news soon about the District III championships, coming up in May at the Severn Sailing Association – its shaping up to be a nice sized fleet.


Southern Comfort Classic Results

The 2014 Jet-14 racing season kicked off in fine style at the Southern Comfort Classic in Asheville NC.  Dave and Sue Michos (Edgewater Yacht Club) put on another impressive performance to defend their title for the second time.

2014 Southern Comfort ClassicA detailed write up can be found here:

2014 Southern Comfort Classic

Full set of pictures:

2014 Southern Comfort Classic Pictures

Next up on the schedule is the District III Championships at Severn Sailing Association May 17-18 in Annapolis.  I know that 3 NC boats are planning on racing on the Severn that weekend and there was talk of a couple of Ohio boats too.  For information please contact Eric Johnson.

More coming very soon…