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May News Updates

  • Severn Sailing Association hosted the District III Championships last weekend.  Eric Johnson and Cathy Cotell (#1146) reclaimed the trophy by a significant margin after Gary and Cathy Mentesana (#1144) decided to spend their honeymoon on more romantic endeavors.  Write up and results are on the Jet-14 website:


  • New pictures are up on the Jet-14 picture website!  I have been working to migrate all of our older pictures from our website to the fantastic photo sharing site called SmugMug.  This week pictures from the 2005 regatta season (Spring Thaw, Chapel Thrill, Pines Lake, Chiefs, Nationals) make their debut.  Check out the Spring Thaw pics, which show some awesome heavy air sailing.  Also, I recently posted a video of Randy Bruns snapping a mast in two (the wind did it, not Randy!) – check it out!
  • Go browse the Jet-14 classifieds for a number of quality boats listed for sale.  The fast, beautiful, and lightly used class boat has been discounted, as well as a quality Saratoga-era wood boat (#793).  I also just listed a bargain glass boat from Spruce Run (#915)
  • June is a busy month for Jets.  We begin with the traditional Mohican Chief’s Regatta at Marion’s pond (May 31-June 1).  This is always a highlight on the Jet racing calendar and usually will produce a sizable fleet.  Two weeks later, there are three (yes, three) Jet regattas:

    You will be sailing in the land of Johnny Football if you come to Cleveland Race Week

    You will be sailing in the land of Johnny Football if you come to Cleveland Race Week

  1. Cleveland Race Week (Edgewater YC, contact Dave Michos) is the Silver Chevron regatta and leg 2 of the District II Championships.  What does Silver Chevron mean?  Well, if you do well, you will get silver chevrons to tape on your sail and then you will intimidate everyone else you compete against.  Dave and Sue Michos are working to actually have chevrons to give out this year, so don’t miss it.  Register online by June 1 to save $50 on registration.
  2. Konigsberg Regatta (Severn Sailing Association, contact Eric Johnson).  The Konigsberg is one of the big ones on the SSA calendar.  In fact, it was one of the names I saw on the Dist. III trophy before it was relinquished back to Eric and Cathy.  If you are in the mid-Atlantic/NJ region, please tell Eric you are coming down for this one, if only to experience the high water pressure shower in the clubhouse!
  3. NC Governor’s Cup Regatta (Kerr Lake, contact Barry Saunders Fleet 65 captain).  The Jets return to this big Southeast regional One Design event.  This is a can’t miss regatta for Jetters in the Carolinas.

Nationals Updates

The documents are being finalized and registration will be coming soon.  If you have never competed at a Jet-14 Nationals, this is the year as registration is FREE for first-timers.  That’s right, show up with your boat, pay your class membership, and you’re in.

The good folks at Hunterdon SC will be putting on a pre-Nationals tune up, more commonly known as the Gravy Bowl Regatta (August 9).  The Gravy Bowl will also serve as the first leg of the District I Championships AND it is also a Traveler’s Series event for this season.  So make a plan to hit that one on your way to New York, then stay a couple of days exploring NYC or the upstate.

That’s it for now.


2014 Jet-14 Regatta Schedule


We are very excited to release the 2014 Jet-14 racing schedule.  There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in racing in your area, or to travel to other clubs.  The season begins in the warm south at the third running of the Southern Comfort Classic – BBQ, warm water, and friendly faces and racing will leave you smiling.  As spring works toward summer, attention turns toward the mid-Atlantic and Ohio.  Severn Sailing Association will be hosting two Jet events, including the District III championships in mid-May and the traditional Konigsberg Memorial in June.  The always popular Mohican Chiefs regatta will once again feature one of the toughest fleets you can find as well as the legendary He-Man breakfast.

Summer starts off right with Cleveland Race Week.  This year CRW should be a huge event, as three special awards will be contested including the Silver Chevron and the second leg of the Traveler’s Series (awarded over the course of the year to skipper’s who travel and do well doing it).  The summer heat won’t be a bother at Lake Norman for the July 4th regatta, where fireworks and cold beer will chase you to your cool tent on the club grounds.  The action in late July turns back to Ohio for the Lorain One Design (site of the spectacular 2012 Nationals) and to New Jersey’s first official event, the Wren Regatta at Hunterdon SC.  New Jersey is the birthplace of the Jet-14 and it’s always great to go back – not to mention the legendary party at Charlie’s place.

In August our focus turns to the Nationals, but not before a great opportunity to make it a vacation at the Gravy Bowl Regatta at Hunterdon the weekend before.  We’re planning to drive up for this one and visit the sites in NYC before making the journey up to Mayfield for the 2014 Nationals.  If you haven’t been, Mayfield is an ideal place for Jet Nationals – incredibly friendly and supportive members, a HUGE lake with plenty of room, awesome clubhouse facilities, expert race committee, and rumors that “the green” will be making another appearance.   The event itself is always a special time to reconnect with old friends and plan for future gatherings.  Contact regatta chair Dean Whalen today to let him know you are planning on coming – it is not to be missed!

After Brent humbles us all at Nationals, The Chili Bowl at Edgewater YC in Cleveland will serve as a convenient regatta to get your confidence back up.  After a return to New Jersey at Packanack Lake in early October, the Halloween Classic in Mansfield will wrap the 2014 season up in style with a plethora of costumes, cheap beer, tons of food, and traditionally the biggest non-Nationals fleet of the year.

Not listed on the schedule are numerous local club events (racing and social) and practices – we hope that you will contact your fleet captain and get involved.  If racing isn’t your thing, there’s stuff for you too!  We’d like to hear what you’ve been up, how your restoration is going, and your experiences sailing your Jet.

Hope to see you on the water in 2014 – have a great season!


2014 Jet-14 One Design schedule

Jet-14 Winter Updates

Hi Jetters, I hope everyone had a great holiday season and received some nice sailing stuff.  Santa brought me some gloves and a nice life jacket to replace my 12-year old, mold infested “flotation” device.  Next on my list is a new main sheet and I should be about ready to go.

Recent News

Our class lost two cherished members recently.  Vim Einthoven passed away on January 2 at the age of 83.  Vim touched many people from all over but especially in the Jet class.  He continued to actively sail up until 3 years ago.  Perhaps Charlie Engler said it best: “Truly a one-of-a kind gentleman!  He will not be forgotten!”  Our condolences to daughter Nicky and family.

MacMurray and bagpipes

Chris MacMurray belts out a tune at the 2004 Spring Thaw regatta at Lake Norman Yacht Club.

Just a couple of days later we heard word of the passing of Chris MacMurray.    Chris was truly an inspirational character when he came into the class.  He was known to regularly travel to regattas all over the east and was integral to the massive growth in Jet sailing at SSA in the 2000s.  I remember competing against Chris and crew Frank Bajowski several times, but particularly at the mid-winters in Tampa.  And then the bagpipes…we will miss him.

You may remember Charlie and Joanna Smith, especially the New Jersey folks.  They used to race Jet #1151 before moving out to sunny and warm California.  They checked in over the holidays and forwarded along this article from Robert Tepper.  Perhaps some  class veterans remember Robert, who used to sail at Monmouth Boat Club in NJ.  I suppose trading in your Jet-14 to buy an engagement ring is a reasonable course of action to some, but I don’t quite get it.  When I was broke and ready to propose, I found a job stocking shelves to save up.  Oh well.


I never had the chance to sail with Peter Jones, but I heard that he is battling an undisclosed illness but still enjoys reading the Jet-14 emails.  If you want to say hi let me know and I’ll forward you Peter’s email address.

We have a little bit of news from Fleet 65 down here in North Carolina.  Barry Saunders has agreed to serve as our Fleet Captain for the upcoming year.  Many of you know Barry has quite a passion for the Jet-14 (and some other boats too).  He has done quite a bit of fantastic work for the class, especially getting people into boats and organizing regattas.  We’re excited to have Barry help us to continue growing the class down here in Tobacco country.

There has been a Bill Reed sighting!  Says he’s been occasionally sailing Snipes and some big old Herreshoff 28′ but is inching to join us for a couple of Jet regattas this year.  He’s also looking for a new owner for his Jet #1128, as he’s taking a little heat for using his front lawn as a boat yard.  He’s maybe planning on doing Nationals at Mayfield and could do a dropoff – any interest out there?  Hoping to see you out there this year Bill!

Scheduling Stuff

A tentative weekend has been proposed for the third installment of the opening regatta of the Jet-14 season – the Southern Comfort Classic at Asheville Sailing Club.  Right now the regatta is scheduled for April 12-13, but could possible be moved if enough people tell me another weekend is better.  If you have feedback, please comment here, on Facebook, or send me an email.  Thanks.

We will be busy working on the 2014 schedule over the next few weeks but we do have the Nationals dates set for August 13-16 at Mayfield YC in NY.  It’s a beautiful club filled with great people.  If you were able to attend the last nationals there, you know what I’m talking about.

That’s about it for now.  Look for the new schedule and membership information next time I talk to you.

Jet-14 Class on the Internet

Did you know that our class has a Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/groups/65507183048/
Or a Twitter handle? https://twitter.com/Jet14Sailing
And a bunch of photos from the past years here: http://jet14.smugmug.com/
And of course our webpage: http://www.jet14.com

Sorry about the stale webpage – hope to get her updated soon!


Jet-14 November News, Pictures, and Results

Halloween Classic Update

2013 Halloween Classic

New to sailing, Sweet Keegan Grange asking Zaugg….”why don’t you worry a little more about your own trim problems…?

Halloween Classic pictures are in – complete with commentary from Marion:


Chili Bowl

The 2013 Chili Bowl came a few weeks early this year as there were some scheduling conflicts and worries about the weather later in the year.

PRO Joe Volter gathered a host of volunteers to run five solid races.  In past years the wind has started out as non-existent or a good breeze.  This year’s wind was much like 2012 where the wind started out moderate and developed into a moderate sea breeze you could do some hiking in.

The racing left some questions answered and others not.  As the wind was from the Northeast and the course set near shore, many of the racers asked themselves whether the famous “Righty Breakwall Effect” might be the game plan for tacking to port right away.

Some folks just had mechanical issues.  For instance, Charlie Bark in #1137 probably wished he had paid more attention when his fiancée Megan McIntyre asked whether the centerboard looked right.  Well, with the centerboard off the pin and all the way back, it was probably nice for #1137 to just make it around the race course.

Ernie Michaud in #1136 welcomed the boat’s previous owner Jim Hermetet as crew and eked out a third place finish over Seth Parker and crew Joe Minerd in #1076.  Joe had Seth sailing the boat great and many times they were up at the top of the pack.  However, at the start of the fourth race with all of the boats up on the line, both Ernie’s #1136 and Seth’s #1076 jumped the gun a bit early and neither went back to restart or didn’t go back entirely across the start line to properly restart.  If Seth had restarted, he would have gone home with third place honors.

And in the third race the entire fleet had to ask about this “Righty Breakwall Effect.”  Dave and Sue Michos in #1157 were over early but resisted the temptation to bang either the right or left side and sailed the shifts, resulting in a come-back win with the largest margin of victory of the day.

A last question came in the last race.  Marion Zaugg in #1132 invited local phenom Heidi Juratic (sp?) to crew.  In 2011 they had waxed the competition, winning each race by comfortable margins.  This year was different and they needed a win in the last race against #1157 plus a little help.  Could they pull it out?

Race #5 was the only time #1132 and #1157 sailed neck and neck with #1132 sailing the last upwind a boat-length faster on starboard tack and #1157 sailing a couple of boat lengths faster on port tack.  Marion and Heidi rounded the last upwind a couple of boat-lengths behind #1157 but managed to get inside and leeward to get the win.  With the premature starters in race #4 they finished a point behind the Michos team to wrap up second-place.

For #1157, the regatta answered many questions because it was the boat’s first Ohio regatta victory after nice showings at the 2012 Nationals, 2012 Chili Bowl and the 2013 Southern Comfort Classic.  Yes, the boat is dialed in.

The Chili Bowl usually concludes with a chili cook-off but the early date made Chili seem a bit too hot but competitors enjoyed a feast of hot dogs and beer.  Ernie Michaud went home winner of the “Hot-Diggity Dog” contest for the best hot dog topping.

Dave Michos #1157, #217
Fleet Captain Fleet #60

1157        Dave and Sue Michos                 1    2    1    1    2        7
1132        Marion Zaugg / Heidi Juratic      2    1    2    2    1        8
1136        Ernie Michaud / Jim Hermetet   3    3    4 DNS  3      19
1076        Seth Parker / Joe Minerd            4    4    3 DNS  4      21
1137        Charlie Bark / Megan McIntyre  5    5    5    5    5      25

2014 Nationals Venue Announced

The 2014 Jet-14 Nationals will be hosted by Mayfield YC in the beautiful Adirondacks of New York.  Mayfield, one of the newer fleets in the class, held their first Nationals just 4 years ago and it was a resounding success.  Dave Japikse, Dean Whalen, Dan Lehane and gang know how to put on a great event.  Some may also recall the introduction of Barbehenn‘s “The Green” right before the 2009 board meeting, resulting in an unfortunate loss of control by several board members.  Look for an announcement with dates soon!

Featured Boat

Jet #438, with the full-on mahogony everything, is available for a very reasonable price.  Owner Mary Beth Paul wrote in the other week about the Jet in her front yard:

I have a beautiful mahogany Jet ’14 on a trailer in my back yard. Her mast and boom are also mahogany. We have her original sail with the red number 14 and jet on the fabric. My husband found and restored her here in Massaschusetts about 20 years ago.

Interested?  Contact me (jet14webmaster_at_yahoo.com) and I will put you in touch with Mary Beth.

Jet-14 Fleet Disposes Flying Scots in Asheville

A few North Carolina Jetters made the trip to Asheville a couple of Sundays ago to participate in the first Jet-14 vs. Flying Scot Challenge.  Fleet Captain Hennon had to call in a few ringers, including Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco (Lake Norman YC), Barry Saunders and Todd Ochoa (Carolina Sailing Club), and newcomer Jackson Harris (CSC).  The Jet fleet met for dinner and drinks the night before and apparently had too many, as Barry arrived the next morning looking like he just came out of a coma and Tom and Paula showed up about 5 minutes before the start and then nearly fell out of their boat.  Grace/Pacheco then went out in Race 1 and took a solid 13th out of 14 boats to post the FS fleet to a 1-0 series lead.  However, they (two firsts) and the 7-boat Jet fleet rallied in the final two races to take down the team regatta trophy.  All agreed that it was a fantastic event, and we plan to do it again next fall.  Scores:

jets_vs_scotsEven better than the event itself was the prospects it generated for the future.  David Betts drove all the way from Chapel Hill just to pick up Jet-14 #19, which he will be restoring over the next year.  Also, Jackson Harris had such a good time that he is getting his own Jet-14 to fix up over the winter and to sail with us next year!  Finally, also coming on line next year with a Jet restoration of his own is Jerry Harwood from New Bern, NC.  Can’t wait!

Trying to Get Rid of Some Sails?

Barry Saunders is looking to upgrade his sails on #962.  Shoot him a message if you have any.

2014 Jet-14 Schedule

It’s not too early to start thinking about next year.  We will once again host a spring regatta on Lake Julian near Asheville, NC.  This year we will be expecting several new boats from NC as well as some out of town travelers.  With the great spring wind and southern Barb-Q, this is a can’t miss event.  Dave and Sue Michos will look to defend for the second straight year.

Jet-14 Class on the Internet

Did you know that our class has a Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/groups/65507183048/
Or a Twitter handle? https://twitter.com/Jet14Sailing
And a bunch of photos from the past years here: http://jet14.smugmug.com/
And of course our webpage: http://www.jet14.com

That’s it for now…

October Regatta Results

Some results are in for the fall regattas.

Packanack Regatta

Rob Higgins reports:

After a somewhat dismal start the day  was beautiful. The wind didn’t cooperate for the first race as it was abandoned due to time limit. It picked up for the second and after lunch on the deck it had filled in nicely. Everyone was a winner we had trophies for the top five boats( which was the exact number we had). Seems we were competing with other sailing events. Special thanks to Charlie Engler who has always supported Packanack.


819   Henderson   3 2 1    6
1014 G. Swede      4 1 2    7
212   B. Gamble    1 3 4    8
905   J. Swede       2 4 4   10
1129 C. Engler      5 5 5   15

Halloween Classic

Brent Barbehenn and EYC member Jonathan Smith (who drove #1159 to a second in the fourth race) came out on top at the Halloween Classic, though a late challenge by Bill Buckles (#1131) fell just short as race committee decided against one more race on Sunday.  The story and results are too long to post here, but you can read all about it on the class website:


Asheville Sailing Club in the News

If you want to get the feel for what Asheville Sailing Club is about, here is a recent magazine feature on our club (with a couple of pictures that include Jets):


That is what it is all about.

10 years ago this month…

Eleven Jet-14s gathered at SSA for the 2003 Pumpkin Bowl/District III Championships.  This was a historical event as Jet #217, fresh off several gallons of epoxy and thousands of dollars spent, made its maiden race here and scored the regatta win with Dave and Sue Michos in the cockpit.  They just edged out Gary and Cathy Mentesana, who finished 1 point behind in the 6 race series.  Also competing in the event were Michael and Laury Parramore (#544), Chris MacMurray (#1145), the McKennas (#1140), and Kirby Mehrof (#433).  Notably absent was Dirk Schwenk (#1137, now owned by Charlie Bark at EYC), who was last seen rising up the local music charts.  It would be great to see some of these names back on the results page!

Schwenk belts out a tune - can he still roll tack?

Schwenk belts out a tune – can he still roll tack?

#217 still points just as high and fast today.  Other boats have found new owners in other parts.  #433 and #1130 are now in Asheville, #544 is now Tim Porter‘s boat at Lake Norman, #1143 (Celeste Simonds) is up for sale, and #530 is raced by Craig Kvale up at Edgewater.

Regatta page:  http://www.jet14.com/results/03_pumpkin.htm

Upcoming Events

October 27 – Jet-14 vs. Flying Scot at Asheville Sailing Club
Winter – SSA Frostbiting
January or February – Class association board meeting (TBA)

Jet-14 Class on the Internet

Did you know that our class has a Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/groups/65507183048/
Or a Twitter handle (don’t ask Marion)? https://twitter.com/Jet14Sailing
And a bunch of photos from the past years here: http://jet14.smugmug.com/
And of course our webpage (yes I know it needs updating): http://www.jet14.com

See you on the water!


October Jet-14 Updates

Just returned from a fantastic Halloween Classic.  Just a ridiculously tough fleet, with Brent Barbehenn leading the way in the fast class boat (#1159).  Some people say that the He-Man breakfast is the highlight of the weekend, but for me the awards ceremony where Marion somehow makes everyone feel good while dressing them down (at least those that deserve it!) at the same time is a wonder to behold.  Also getting whooped by some 12-year old kid from Edgewater was quite fun too.  We’ll get the results out to you soon!

Nationals Pictures

_DSC0715 8-9-13 as small file

2013 Nationals at Lake Norman

Thanks to Ernie Michaud for posting some Nationals pictures, including the Shrimp Boil that you may have heard about.  There are a couple of shots of Ernie stuffing his face full of shrimp and potatoes – don’t miss it!  Also have some on the water action shots courtesy of Rob Freet.  Rob has many more pictures – if you are interested in seeing them and possibly purchasing (they are very high resolution), call Rob at (704) 560-9701 or write at freet_art@charter.net.

Nationals pics are here: http://jet14.smugmug.com/Jet-14-Nationals-Pictures/2013-Jet-14-Nationals/

Welcome New Member

Welcome Robert Morris from Flanders, NJ.  Robert listed Jet-14 #33 as his boat – there must be an interesting story behind that.  I am not sure where Flanders is located, but if one of you NJ folks would like to get in touch with Robert, send me a note.

Fleet 65 Update

The “Air Superiority Regatta” (because I couldn’t think of anything better) is a go for Sunday October 27 at the Asheville Sailing Club.  8 Flying Scots will be going up against 7 Jet-14s for bragging rights at the club.  We’ll be doing some hiking and eating on Saturday before races begin Sunday morning.  Local Asheville beers will be making an appearance at lunch.

New Boat Listings in Classifieds

Just added #1087 (Pittsburgh PA, asking $1500) and #212 (Wayne NJ, asking $1800) to the classifieds listing on the website.  Also listed are boat #s 1159, 1152, 1140, 1126, 1050, 1049, 1003, 830, 793, 600, 519, and 265.  Check out the details here: http://www.jet14.com/classifieds.html

Coming Soon: Regatta results from Packanack and Mansfield, developments on the 2014 Nationals, and membership updates.  Please send in anything you would like to see here.

Join the Jet-14 Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/65507183048/

See you on the water!


Ready for the He-Man?

A few updates to send along this evening.  Have a great week!

Upcoming Events

The Halloween Classic ends the official regatta season October 12-13.  Cara Sanderson Brown promises that crews in costume on the water will get a bonus point taken off their score, meaning that Brent might end up with a 0 score for the regatta.  Several out of towners are making the trip to Mohican for this traditional big fleet regatta.  Contact Marion Zaugg (mzarchitect_at_hotmail.com) for more information.  I didn’t think anyone used Hotmail since 1998!  I’ll be up there racing so I hope to see a big crowd.

Down in North Carolina, where the winter comes a bit later than you snowbirds up north, we’re planning a special event on October 27 at the Asheville Sailing Club.  The NC Jet fleet has been challenged to a 1-day race by the local Flying Scot fleet, with the winner earning bragging rights and maybe some local Highland Gaelic Ale.  Fleet 65 is circling the wagons – we’ve even calling in Barry Saunders and Todd Ochoa (#737) from the Raleigh-Durham area to provide support.  Also coming in from out of town to support the event are David Betts (Chapel Hill), who will be returning with a Jet of his own to restore, Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco (#717), and Jerry Harwood (New Bern, near the coast), who will be making the 6.5 hour trip to maybe crew and to get some rigging ideas for his Jet-14 restoration project (which he reports is getting close).

Speaking of Barry, he’s been doing some really strong work in the Triangle area organizing Jet sailing.  He took David Betts out for sail last Sunday and they had a fantastic time.  David reported on the experience:

Saunders and Betts cruise Lake Jordan (Sept. 29, 2013)

Saunders and Betts cruise Lake Jordan (Sept. 29, 2013)

Jordan Lake is a good place for Jets: plenty of fetch, not too much chop, fairly quiet boating scene, not too many high hills to kill the wind, good launch ramp & parking. It was wonderful to sail with the multi-talented Barry Saunders, who did well in an open-class regatta against Flying Scots and assorted Thistles and Wayfarers before welcoming me aboard. I’ve attached a still of of Barry and his 1st Mate on a long spinnaker run. It might make a decent picture if someone knew how to enlarge it.

Well, I tried with the picture, but that’s the best I can do.

Featured Boat For Sail

Heard this week from Mary Beth Paul, who had a classic S&S Jet-14 in her back yard (#438).  Sent along some pictures of the boat-  looks to be in great shape.  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0By-SuSgpUmnebjhNTkhGeGNGdjg&usp=sharing

She was restored about 20 years ago by her late husband and now the boat must find a home.  Interested?  Let me know and I will put you in touch with her.  The boat is in Massachusetts.

News From Ohio

Promising news on the growth front for Edgewater.  Bert Golden is the new owner of Jet-14 #830 and #98.  He is hopeful to have #830 out racing next year.  Bert “has sailed a couple of times this past year on a J-24 and a Thomas 35 with friends. Me and another friend who sail the J-24 have procured Jets and we are going to give it a try.”  Fantastic!  Welcome Bert to the class – you might see him at the Halloween Classic next weekend.

Other News

Stay tuned for an announcement on the 2014 Nationals soon!

Fleet captains, send any updates (and I mean ANY updates) to me and spread the word about your activities.

Everyone is encouraged to join our Facebook group page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/65507183048/).  And if you are blog savy, please follow this site on WordPress.

That’s it for now – look for results from Packanack and Mohican in the next entry.  See you on the water!